Sunday, December 31, 2006

Great Scott!

I know I'm a tad late on the draw, but here are a few pictures of Maysen from Christmas. I'm always behind the camera so sorry none of me in my PJs :) Not that I would allow a camera pointed at me within 100 feet while I sported my bed head!

Check out these rain boots! Aren't they the coolest things? Kidorable has the most awesome kid apparel stuff I've seen around. And this oak train was probably the best find I made. Since you probably all know that Maysen is absolutely ADDICTED to trains, this not only is a pull train with engine and 2 cars, but it's also a block-train. I am lucky to have this picture to revert to, as I look at the blocks now and wonder who they all fit back on the train...

And this is Maysen's new "IKE". It's a retro Radio Flyer tricycle. His feet *barely* reach the pedals but I figure by spring/summer it'll be just right. All day Christmas day he just sat on it, ringing the bell. Yea, we're talking I was hearing bells in my sleep. But we had fun pushing him around on it through the house. Soon he'll be able to wear his rain boots (despite the non-stop Oregon rain!) and ride this down the sidewalk.

And in about 2hrs and counting it'll be 2007!! Do you remember watching Back to the Future II? It was based on being in the year 2015 and I remember thinking that it had some pretty awesome stuff (my favorite was the HoverBoard idea) in it. But I also remember thinking it wasn't too out of line for what might happen in 2015 (considering it was written in 1989). Back in 1989 I couldn't begin to FATHOM the year 2015 ... well ladies and gents ... it's only 8yrs away. Before I know it I'll be 40. Cheers!

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Phew. What a week. Ever feel like you're going 100mph and never catch a breath? Well, I've had one of those weeks. Tuesday was crazy as A) it was the first day back to work in over a week B) first day after Christmas C) We were covering another doctor on vacation. I decided I'd be nice and work that day since the nurse they had covering me (I don't work Tuesdays) had never worked with him before, and I could only imagine. So, after a 12hr day with no lunch, I got off work and went to my sisterinlaw's for my last Christmas celebration. Then I turned around and worked another 11hrs on Wednesday. Thursday I was off - but went to a University of Oregon basketball game with my brotherinlaw, Nate, and motherinlaw. My motherinlaw was cracking me up .. as I've never heard her say "loins" so many times in my life. we were clear up on the 3rd story, which is suspended above the court almost and she kept saying "I just have this weird feeling in my loins". Crazy girl. I worked yesterday and trained a nurse who will be working my Tuesdays. I like to think of myself as a patient person. But it was so hard for me to not take over and do things my way to just get it done. Know what I mean?

So that leads today. I'm in total procrastination-mode lately . Tonight we're having a post-holiday Internal Medicine party tonight with soup and games. We're also going to do a gift exchange in which I have no gift for yet :) That combined with a mile-long list of groceries and misc items, today looks to be panning out to be filled with running around and trying not to strangle post-holiday shoppers. (Wait, I am one ...).

Of course the rest of the weekend includes taking down Christmas decorations and getting back on the normal playing field. If there is such a thing. And Hussain is dead. What else could we ask for?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I know most mothers are biased. The "isn't this the most adorable kid in the world" comments that we're either thinking or even come out of our mouths. But I'm not kidding. Doesn't this just look like something out of GapKids? Or Ralph Lauren? My little GQ boy. This was Christmas Eve. I'll post more pictures later of Mr Bean and his new trike!

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Friday, December 22, 2006


A friend of mine sent me this picture that her mom took of their farm from back in Kansas where I grew up. I'm sure you probably heard of the massive blizzard to hit the plains. Looks like back home they only got ice. Looking at this picture brings back lots of memories as I spent MANY 'o days at this farm. Innocent days. Carefree days. And I really miss storms like this. Oregon has nothing but ... rain. No thunderstorm "rain" storms. Just constant uninteresting rain. Blah. Can't beat the tropical look of Oregon in the winter though. The first time I came, it was in March. And I remember thinking how Hawaiian-like it looked. Everything was bright green - the flowers were brilliant colors. You give and take, I suppose. With everything.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oh Bay!

This is our Bassett Hound, Bailey. She'll be 6 in June. It was the perfect shot of her ... lounging in her basket. She doesn't care what you do to her ... including putting her floppy ears any position you want! She has Addison's Disease so she's gained a lot of weight by her daily steroid supplementation.

Sorry I've been missing in action lately. I've had this week off, but have managed to be very busy! Monday I baked ... Tuesday I baked ... Wednesday I cheated and took Maysen to Bonnie and Bob's who watch him on Wed/Fri while I'm at work and I took the afternoon off. Man - being a mommy full time is hard work. Especially since it's cold/rainy outside. Not like you can just go outside. Plus, we're in absolute NO WAY mode with naps. It's been staying darker here, so he sleeps longer. Well, 5hrs later he's not ready for a nap. So by 7 we're talking melting down. I used to think Tues/Thurs were my days off ... when in reality my days off are when I GO to work. But ... still wouldn't trade my schedule for the world!

So, Christmas is knocking at our door. Is everyone ready? I'm so done looking at Christmas lights I could scream. Everynight, Maysen INSISTS on "oook wites?" .. he wants to go around and look at lights. Cute one would think ..... 6 nights in a row - in a town who's population is 4000. You run out of stimulating lights real quick. OOOO AHHHHH ... at the same ones. Wow. Am I a grouch today or what? Yikes! Sorry. Today I finished up my goodie trays for everyone at work and delivered them. There. I've done my deed :) Oh, and I'm mailing 55 Christmas cards on Tuesday. I got the cool thick Costco Christmas cards thinking I'd be the one with the "cool" card in the mail. Go to the post office. After I had spent an hour putting stamps on all these cards, I get there and NO! They require an additional $0.13 cents, which comes in one $0.10 stamp and one $0.03 cent stamp. I stood there like "Uh, you're kidding". So yep. I spent another hour putting TWO MORE stamps on each envelope. These cards look like they're coming from Italy! All these decorative stamps pasted across the top.

Ba HumBUG!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Good Morning, Mom.

So, I'm on vacation this week. Well, my doc is on vacation - which defaults me to being on vacation. So, I'm thinking "Ahhhh this is nice" as I'm sleeping in .. until I get my rude awakening: "POOOOOPY..... MAMA .... POOPY!" I roll over just as I get a diaper thrown in my face. Maysen's got a great aim already! My bed is a tall bed. If I stand right up against it, it comes to my waist and I'm 5'4". I see his arm flailing in the air as I am bopped in the face with a diaper. Good morning, mama!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


My sister and I share the same passion. Photography. We think alike on it - her and I need to take a trip somewhere ... to just veg and shoot pictures all day. Mexico and the Mayan ruins would be awesome!

So, I'm sure most of you have heard about the horrid weather that swept through here on Thursday .... leaving over a million people without power in Washington and Oregon. Nathan's flight home from Denver was right in the middle of that storm. Initially they thought they were going to have to re-route the plane, but at the last minute decided to try and land. After 3 attempts, they landed succesfully. Oregon very rarely has "WIND", so to have 70-1oomph wind gusts left everyone in shock. Luckily my house kept power, with the exception of a few spits here and there of it shutting off. With the wind came freezing temperatures, so those without power were also without heat. I believe most of it has been restored now.

Oregon hasn't been having the best reputation lately. Storms, the death of Mr. Kim during Thanksgiving, and the most recent event of the missing hikers on Mt Hood have brought Oregon into the spotlight nationally, although I'm not sure we like this type of publicity!

I have this coming week off. My plan is to get my Christmas cards mailed and one package mailed. I made one batch of cookies this weekend and I need to make fudge and chocolate covered pretzels this week for trays for fellow employees. I was going to clean - but my H-factor got on a cleaning kick this morning, so we cleaned for 4hrs. Even got all the crushed chips/crackers from the couch cushions! And now I have crock pot chili cooking.

So, thanks EJ for mentioning Sephora. While visiting my sister in Chicago over a year ago I had my first Sephora experience and found the perfect fragrance. Fleur de Sephora - peony. So, reading EJ's post reminded me to add it to my favorites so my husband could get me more ... hehe. Turns out - they don't make it any more! I'm devastated!!! It was so yummy!

Can you believe Christmas is in a week? Geesh ....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Here Comes Santa Clause ... Here Comes-

So here was our first Santa Clause experience. Can't you just see the terror in his eyes! I know he was saying "Hurry up and take the DA-- picture mom!" He used to shout out "CHANTA!" so we thought we'd take him - and he just wasn't too sure about it. He sat long enough for this pic and that was it. At least he didn't pee on him... (Maysen, not Santa).

So, Nate left yesterday morning (early) for his business trip in Denver. This was the first time he's been away like this since the Army days. He used to be gone weeks - even MONTHS on end. I thought I'd never hear myself say that having some space is nice ... but it is. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband. But when you're either mommy, nurse, or wife ALL DAY AND EVERYDAY ... having some alone time is nice. He'll be back Friday and I'm already wondering what to do with myself until then. Long work day tomorrow with taking/picking up Maysen plus my 12hr work day ... then off on Thursday. I need to finish wrapping xmas presents.

It's amazing when your child starts putting words/phrases together for the first time and you go "Where'd he get that?" Nate was getting his hair cut, and as the lady washed her hair out, he patted his arm and said "Wha-do-doinge?" ... it was so precious. Monster!

Friday, December 8, 2006

The Scovils' 2006

I'm not sure why this picture was so hard to take....wait! Yes I do; Nate kept saying he just couldn't fake a smile that didn't look ridiculous. Then Maysen kept trying to look and run away (Mr No-Nap) and 30min later we still had no successful picture. So, this is the best you're going to get. Don't you love the rash Maysen broked out with under his chin from eating fresh tomatoes? And Nate looks like about ready to shove this camera up someone's you know what! Merry Christmas .... Ba Humbug!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Holiday Party 1

Well, at least I can say the ice picks have stopped stabbing me in the chest. I'm just hacking up all sorts of fun stuff now. I called in sick today and let Maysen go to Aunt Bonnie's for the day like planned. OH MAN ... was that the best medicine! I dozed in and out of sleep until about 11am, and I don't think I got out of bed until after noon, in which case I ran a bath and just laid there for an hour. After a snooze, I felt like a whole new woman and decided I'd load myself up on drugs, and go with Nathan to his holiday party this evening. It was held at his office supervisor's house, and it was a blast. They had a white elephant gift exchange, and last minute I threw together the BEST present. Everyone in Nate's office has a great/sick sense of humor. About 2 years ago (still immature and irresponsible) Nate got drunk at our apartment complex and while everyone else was in the hottub, he decided he'd "dive" into the pool. Although he got the deep and shallow ends mixed up. Thank GOD he didn't break his neck, but he did manage to scrape up his face pretty good - which postalcohol was pretty funny. I snapped a not-so-impressed photo of Nate and decided this would be a GREAT white elephant gift. He was game, and actually SIGNED it, I found an old frame and there it was. It was the hit of the party - of course the story of Shallow End Diving Nate was even more hysterical telling. Scott, the office supervisor, plays in a band so after the good food (they catered Thai food in!), laughing, and gift exchanges we all went to their little studio, played pool, and listened to the guys play. Maysen even got out some instruments and played/danced right along with them.

After about 3hrs I was pooped and starting to sniffle again, so we came home. I'm not so sure Nate would appreciate me posting his embarrassing photo for the world to see ... so I'll refrain. But trust me, it's a great one.

Luckily I have the rest of the week off to continue to get well. I know, shouldn't have gone to the party when I called in sick. But I needed fresh air and good laughs, and 3hrs won't kill me. I'm now back in my PJs, sipping hot tea, and ready to crawl into bed. Why is it my 2yr old is only down and out for 2 days and I'm out for a week? There's a conspiracy there somewhere, I'm sure!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Ice Picks...

Yes. It's currently 3:21am. This whole "family is sick but me" crap is now out the window. Sunday night ... tad sore throat. Yesterday at work ... sort of congested. Last night ... tight chest. Now, at 3:22am my body is rejecting any and all bacteria from my body - in the form of ice-picks-being-stabbed-in-my-throat-and-chest. Fun thing is, that although I have tomorrow (today) off, I have to take Maysen to his 2yr physical appointment, followed by an internal medicine meeting for an hour. Uhhh, if Mr Ice Pick is still stabbing me I'm going to say the hell with it. Yes, I realize people at my clinic are already sick - however with 5 nurses calling in sick yesterday (and I should have been one of them), I don't need to infect the rest of the staff who ARE healthy. I got quite a few looks when I let my SARS-like cough rip toward the end of the day. Before I left, my doc said "Ummm, why don't you go home and get better?" ... "So, Mr Smith *HACK HACK*, why are we here *SNEEZE* today? Are you running *SNIFFLE* a fever or having *HANG ON I'M ABOUT TO SNEEZE* the chills?" Yea. Way to go, Leslie. I'm currently waiting for drugs to kick in and to brush my teeth as I've been mouth-breathing all night so you can only imagine how pleasant that feels/smel- well, you get the picture. Nighty-night.... (hopefully). 'Tis the Season!

Sunday, December 3, 2006

O Christmas Tree ...

The holiday spirit grabbed hold of us this weekend. Friday we hung our lights outside, which included my software developer/computer geek husband to map out and configure the best way to string the lights on the roof to maximize extension cord usage. We only had to start over ... three times. It was freeeezing here this weekend. Sunny .. but freezing!

Today we picked out our Christmas tree. We were going to go to a nearby Christmas tree farm and do the whole ride-the-tractor-to-the-field-and-saw-your-own-down. However, my family is on the sick side. All except me, which will probably be hitting me any day now. All last week Nate had a cold, and yesterday during my late Thanksgiving with the in-laws, Maysen started getting sick. Maysen had a fun time running around saying "Eeeeee!" at all the trees. Poor guy kept trying to smell them, but his sniffer isn't working.

Then we had to put up the Christmas tree stand, which was more difficult than it looked. Maysen was all about trying to help! He's into knowing just what dad is doing and how he can help or do it himself!

And it officially only took us THREE hours to put up all the decorations and tree. I think half the time was spent keeping Maysen from throwing all the "a-balls" (baseball = ornaments), eating the tinsel, stomping on all the boxes, pulling the needles off the tree, running around with the figurines from our Christmas village, and trying to hang his train on the tree for an ornament. He did figure out to be "nice" to the tree, and helped us hang the rest of the ornaments.

I found myself humming "O Holy Night" as I drove to the store ... is it hitting me? ... and today we've only watched Finding Nemo ... three times.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Best Feeling Ever!

Library Thursdays

Every Thursday Maysen and I have have a date at the library at 10:00am. We start out by singing a few songs, snack time, stories, then end with craft time. However, Maysen couldn't care less about the singing or the stories. He would rather sit back and play with the toys. If you try to get him to sit and listen, all you-know-what breaks loose! But it gets him around other kids, so that's all that matters. Above I actually got him to go STAND amongst the other kids! That lasted only 30 seconds.

So, this is what we do the whole time, mostly. Can you tell we have an obsession with anything with wheels?

He loves the snacks and the crafts, though. He's eventually coming the point where he can actually use the crayons, not eat them!! The colored poop from his crayon eating was sure interesting ... RAINBOW POOP!

We then went to the mall where they have an indoor playground type thing. I watched some kid bully Maysen around while Fancy Mommy sat on the side. I'm trying to be nice like "We have to play nice..." while giving mommy on the cell phone the evil eye. So, I opted to go get balloons and construct a boys vs girls balloon fight. That was successful.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Here's what I'm talking about. I've recently mentioned my son's addiction to The Polar Express (as seen on the TV). Today we've watched it twice ... along with Finding Nemo twice. Normally I would never let my child watch this much TV. However, it's FREEZING outside and the roads are slick so we are not leaving the house, and if this keeps him from climbing the walls (and me) it'll have to do. I'm just tired of listening to "...When Christmas commmmesss ..... to toooowwwnnn". Kill me. Now.

PS: You will notice our cat, Birdie, warming her tootsies on the satellite receiver ... her favorite spot.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Today was Bean's first bowling experience. I have admit - it went better than I thought. We only got to play one game, as by the end he was unamused. The challenge was keeping him to his own ball and not running around stealing everyone else's bowling balls. We were on the end lane and he made a dead sprint along the side and toward the back where the machines are that run the pin-layer things. Yea, that was a mortifying moment!

Thanksgiving on Thursday was nice and quiet. My sister from Portland came as well as Nathan's mom and step dad. And that was it! We had ham, green bean casserole, potatoes, rolls, pea salad, cherry and chocolate pie. We had a great bottle of pinot noir and ended the night with a big game of poker ... my mother in law always kicks our butts!

Traditionally we put up our tree and Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. Is it me, or did Christmas come WAY to early this year? I just couldn't bring myself to start decorating this weekend. We've decided we're getting a "real" tree this year, and having a 2yr old I think it's smart to wait a bit before I submit myself to a whole month of fighting him on that tree. So, the plan is to get a tree and start decorating next weekend. We'll see. Right now this sounds good to me:

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Humorous fax

We routinely get faxes from nursing homes/assisted living facilities, etc in regards to patients who have fallen. This is because legally they have to inform us so that if anything became of it (ie: injury, fracture) they need it documented we were notified. It's usually:

Resident had a non-injury fall 11/22 in residence. VS Stable. ROM WNL. Will continue to monitor.

Something to that regard. Today I get a fax, and I had to laugh. This is what I get:

Today resident had an unplanned trip to the floor. Will try to plan them better next time.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Paved way...

Thank goodness today was the last Friday I have to work for awhile! My doc took almost every Friday off all summer long (which was nice because our normal day off is Thursday - which makes for a nice long weekend PLUS I have Tuesdays off to stay home with Bean, so my weeks were very short) and it's been 5 weeks of working Fridays. This is because we had a medical student, J, from OHSU shadowing Dr D. He was the quiet-but-eager type and he even shadowed me to learn a thing or two (I think I screwed him up for life!). It was kind of neat thinking I was teaching a future DOCTOR how to do an electrocardiogram!

I was joking with Dr D at how hard working 3 days a week is for me (Ha!) and he confided that he's seriously thinking about cutting his hours back at the beginning of the year - he's wanting to permanently take Fridays off. That would mean that I could a) still work 3 days a week, but work M,T,W or b) I could insist on keeping my Tuesdays off and only work 2 days a week. I'm stuck. I have *THE* perfect job for where my life is right now. At the hospital you have to work crappy shifts (ie: 11pm-7am), every other weekend, every other holiday, getting time off is like pulling teeth. At my job I can get just about all the time I want off at any time, NO weekends, NO evenings, EVERY holiday off plus some. But I do miss the ER type things that would go down at the hospital and my "RN" skills aren't utilized as much as they would be in the hospital setting. But hey! That's the beauty of being an RN! I can do this for 10 more years if I wanted, then go work in the ER for 3 years ... then turn around and work in the OR. I can even look into being a school nurse when Maysen goes to school. The book is just cracked for me! So I am still waiting to see where my nursing career takes me! But for now, I'm very pleased with the path that it has taken for my slow and paced life right now.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy 2nd Birthday, Bean!

Saturday's birthday party was a success! You can imagine what 2hrs of kids, multiple colors of frosting, light sabers, cupcakes, helium balloons, and playdough looks like. It was a great time. I just can't believe Maysen is 2!! He can say his own name "day-den" and "dooooo" (2) when people ask his name and how old he is. It's nuts.

Bean cashed in with a ton of new toys including: new puzzles, a trumpet/saxophone, Dr Suess books, new bubble lawnmower, multitudes of trucks/cars, mondo leggos, balls, a bouncing zebra that plays music, a Thomas the Train set, and tons of other great stuff.

Sunday we took the day for just the 3 of us and went to Chuck E Cheese. That was an experience; I swear there is meth or something in the pizza - the kids are NUTS there! As if the over stimulating buzzing, whistles, strobe lights, and dancing figurines weren't enough, then there's every game machine you can possibly imagine with lines 7 kids deep. Maysen wasn't too sure about all this to begin with, but once he settled in and watched all the other kids go crazy he soon joined in. After 2hrs I was plum exhausted. I'm not sure who was more worn out - me or Maysen.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Friday, November 10, 2006

Choo Choo!

I was talking with one of my patients who is about 70yrs old. She mentioned she was going to see her daughter in Seattle and that her "train left at 5:30am". I was immediately jolted back into the past. Her "train?" Who rides trains for travel anymore? I didn't even know there was a train station in Eugene.

As quick as the "WHAT?" thought came to mind, then the "Wow, that would be neat" thought followed. Maysen is absolutely OBSESSED with trains, in particular the Polar Express, which incidentally was the last movie Nathan and I saw childless - seeing it in the movie theatre only 2 days before Maysen was born. And when I say obsessed, I mean we literally watch that movie twice a day.

But what a great idea. Boarding the train for a relaxing ride to a new place we've never been. Sitting back taking in all the fall scenery along the river ... listening to the hypnotizing sound of the train on the tracks.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Upcoming Party 11/11

Mommy and Maysen at the pumpkin patch 10/20/06
My baby will be turning TWO on Monday. I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed as his birthday party creeps closer and closer to Saturday afternoon. I hope enough kids come for him (which will only at this point be cousins) and I bought treats and have seperate tables planned. Trucks/cars for the homemade race track for the boys ... and play dough/stamps on another for the girls. Do that for a bit ... then I got some pin the hat on the fireman (sounds like a bachelorette game) .. but it involved firetrucks. We'll see how that one flies. Then of course is the decorating.... Um... how? I'm going to ask if my father in law can get balloons filled with helium so they're floating ... that'll be an attraction with my vaulted ceilings. Then a scavenger hunt for crap I found at the dollar store but fun stuff (you can find some real fun stuff there). Hopefully nice to do it in the backyard ... but if it's too rainy we'll just do it around the house. He's 2 ... so we don't need some 3hr ordeal going on. And limited my 1400 sqft house. For the cake ... I'm getting just a regular sheet cake, but then I'm making cupcakes for the kids to decorate on their own. Multiple frostings, sprinkles, colors, etc. That'll be fun, I think. And call it a day. The DVD Cars is out, hope to get that and have it playing when kids show up ... as a background theme/music. His theme is plainly cars, trucks, and planes. Tomorrow I need to get the main cake ordered from a store near where I work ... pick it up Friday. Bring exam table paper home ... to draw race track. I need a to do list. I'll do that tomorrow. Rambling now.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Ta Da!

This is my new wedding ring!! I told you about this last week and this weekend was wonderful. Saturday Nathan and I took an evening just to be by ourselves and had a great time. Our babysitter, Amanda, came at 3:30pm. We picked my ring up and went to The Excelsior for dinner where he surprised me with a dozen red roses, had a bottle of 2000 pinot noir, exchanged special words to eachother, laughed, and had the giddiness we did when we first met. Nathan has a new ring, too, with 2 bands of shiny white gold surrounding a band of distressed white gold and 3 diamonds down the middle. And the Ducks won their game against Washington. What more could you ask for? (Except maybe another bottle of pinot noir? I had forgotten what just a couple of glasses can do to a girl!)

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Halloween, it is.

Maysen was Yoda from Starwars this year for Halloween. Believe it or not, he actually left the ears on all night! His candy-collecting bucket was a Darth Vadar head.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Sunday, October 29, 2006

Married ... again.

I'm a lucky girl - I got new wedding rings this weekend!! Sort of an upgrade. I actually took a picture of it, but it looked super funky. You can't use the flash, so it's all dark and weird looking. I'll try and get a better one to post.

My wedding ring was nice ... but the upkeep you're required to do to keep the lifetime warrantee fell short when we moved away from Kansas. In the meantime, a bagguette on one side of my main stone cracked. My prongs holding my marquis were weak and needed replaced. I never had a wedding band that "went" with my engagement ring - and finding one was difficult. The band I've had for years ended up missing about 6mo ago. I've checked drawers, toyboxes, toilet, drain ... and it's nowhere. So ... this new wedding set happened because I was in search of a new band. This will be good because I can now actually keep up on the lifetime guarantee requirements not to mention all the other perks that come with it. I was so hard on my other ring - cleaning with it on, showering with it on, you name it! And now I can start anew with this one treating it "right".

So what about the sentiment? Well ... we're having my ring melted down, diamonds taken out and cleaned and a pendant made of out of it that I'll wear on a necklace around my neck. Closer to my heart there, I figure!

Now ... if I could only get another honeymoon out of this whole deal!

Friday, October 27, 2006


The job of picking out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch can be quite the ordeal. It takes time, skill, determination, knowledge in good pumpkins, a certain firmness, texture, balance. I know this because Maysen is a pro at pumpkin-picking-out'ing. We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend when my dad, Jo, and grandma were visiting. We're going to carve them this weekend. I only hope that this focus stays with him through his terrible 2's, because I sure wouldn't want any master plan to go without such a detailed pattern of examination! I would feel cheated!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Will it end?

As previously posted, our challenge is getting Maysen to stay in his bed and actually go to bed. Our nightly routine usually ends up with coming out of his room 49 times as he tries to dart unseen across the hall to the spare bedroom. Or, he'll spend the whole time ripping up his air vent and throwing things down the "tunnel" ... things include night light, or shoes, or cars, or diapers. Whatever he can find. The night usually ends with him passing out during whatever activity he was in the middle of. Case in point:

Last night was exceptionally exciting. He was up doing various activities for about 2hrs. We'd hear various crashes, smashes, laughing, rattling of the doorhandle, more laughing, grunting, and music. We've learned to just let him do whatever ... afterall, what kind of trouble can he get into? So, when we went to bed and went to check on him, you can imagine how hard it was not to bust out laughing when we saw this mess:

He piled toys, clean clothes out of his dresser, dirty clothes out of his basket, socks, shoes, animals, push toys, underneath this all are puzzles and books. Then he climbed up like "King of the Hill" and finally crashed. This pic was taken AFTER I put his right arm back into his pajamas. Otherwise that hummer was sticking straight out naked. Crazy...

Friday, October 20, 2006


As we were driving home from the coast yesterday I had an interesting conversation with my grandma. It made me realize just how much times have really changed within the last 50 years. We were discussing the best jobs we've ever had, which led to talking about funny stories from the workforce.

This eventually led to me talking about when I was about 8mo pregnant (tired, bitchy, and hormonal), I went out to get a patient for an infusion. The patient was "John Miller" (*names are altered for confidentiality purposes). So I proceed with "John?" ... no answer. "John Miller?" .. still nothing. A soft, antagonistic voice sounded as I heard " mean DOCTOR Miller?" as this came from a mid 70s salt-and-pepper haired man. He would not look me in the eye and it was as though I had just insulted his dying mother. He followed me back to the room and continued to badger me about how he was not "John" but "Dr Miller". Upon my leaving, he asked me what my name was, in which case I responded I was "Registered Nurse Scovil".

But this brings me to a point. Upon talking to my grandmother she told me how she was raised addressing everyone by "Mr or Mrs or Pastor or Doctor". She never addressed anyone by their first name as this was disrespectful. Upon being called "Dorothy" once, she told me she thought "How dare you! You don't even know me, how dare you call me by my first name!". Wow. Even in nursing school, my teachers only wanted to be addressed by their first names. I never dreamed that actually calling someone by their first name would be so offensive.

I work with a lot of doctors around me. I address them all on a first name basis. Is this because of the times or do they realize that there is much more to a person than their degree? I mean, in today's world, just because you're a doctor does not mean that the world stops ... that you're just entitled to respect because of "what" you are. When Nate was in the military, that is what cracked me up about the military way of thinking. The "upper" ranks were such jackasses sometimes because of "what" they were. Not because of their merit. Not because of their work ethic. But just because of the stripes on their arms. It cracked me up because I knew in the "real" world that attitude of "do you know what I am?!" would be a total joke. They'd likely get a "who the hell cares" before being punched in the face. And perhaps for some that is why they're afraid to leave the life of the wonderful military .. because then they'd have to "earn" respect.

I got off base with the military sidebar. I just am amazed at how different times are from music, movies, upbringing, religion, sexual preference, vacations, clothes, food, and even down to common courtesy. Should I be fearful of the next 50 years?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tonight my dad, stepmom, and grandma all arrived to my house safe and sound. My dad and stepmom came from Florida .. and my grandma (my dad's mom) came from Iowa. This trip was anticipated for my sister's wedding that was to have taken place on Saturday. As many of you know, that is not happening any longer. However, my family still came up, arriving today. It has been fun, because my grandmother ("Nana" to Maysen) has never seen Maysen before so it was nice to finally have her meet her great grandson. Maysen has been through all of his tricks. (It's almost like having a dog show all of their tricks ... "come on Maysen, say 'allllll aboard'"). We had a great dinner and it was nice catching up. It's been since April that I've seen my dad and Jo, and since 2003 that I've seen my grandma.

Tomorrow we're heading to the coast, which is about a 2hr drive to Lincoln City, Oregon. My dad and Jo used to work there for 2 winters. They're semi-retired and travel managing RV resorts/parks along their way. So, they want to go to Lincoln City and visit everyone back there. Maysen loves the coast, but it's getting cold so it won't be as nice as the warm/sunny days like summer. On Friday everyone (except Nate, Maysen, and I) are going to Crater Lake. Saturday we're all going to the pumpkin patch for Maysen to pick out pumkins. Jenn is planning on coming down that day to visit everyone. Hope you all have a good weekend. I'll talk next week.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Is this not *the* most stinkin cute kid around?! This was when we went to Bend, OR a few weeks back. I just love this picture.

Tomorrow night is my mother-in-law's birthday dinner at my house. Saturday I'm hanging out with my sister-in-law, Jessica and my neice and nephew Miranda and Jonas. That is ... all depending on my son's health. He fell asleep at 11am (which never happens) and woke up from his nap with a 102.5F fever. Down went the Motrin and now we're zombie-mode watching the news. You know your 2yr old is sick when he's actually staring at Katie Couric like he's really interested in political government. Either that or he'll be president in 2048.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

"Big Boy" room

Maysen will be 2yrs old next month (I still can't believe it). For his birthday, we decided we'd transform his room. We bought this house last year and didn't really do much for his nursery because Nate graduated in June and we honestly weren't sure if we would even be able to stay here. So we had it pretty plain. Once Nate established a job and we knew we were staying, we decided we'd do more with it. And here it is! We painted 3/4 blue and added waines coating. His crib is no longer, and is now a mini day bed. He has a new fire truck lamp and new "Planes, Trains, and Trucks" curtains, comforter, and pillow. Those feet on the wall are actually Nate's feet and Maysen's when he was 1 week old. We still have stuff to put on his walls (White M.A.Y.S.E.N letters above his bed) and a few more minor things. So, that was my weekend. Finishing up his room.

So far all week has been an hour of crying and carrying on to go to sleep. He used to just go right to sleep, but since the crib transformation, no more. He comes out, peeks through his door, starts piling up toys on the outside of his door because he's "still not coming out". I'm hoping it will pass ... soon.
Tonight my dad, stepmom, and grandma all arrived to my house safe and sound. My dad and stepmom came from Florida .. and my grandma (my dad's mom) came from Iowa. This trip was anticipated for my sister's wedding that was to have been taken place on Saturday. As many of you know, that is not happening any longer. However, my family still came up, arriving today. It has been fun, because my grandmother ("Nana" to Maysen) has never seen Maysen before so it was nice to finally have her meet her great grandson. Maysen has been through all of his tricks. (it's almost like having a dog show all of their tricks ... "come on Maysen, say 'allllll aboard'"). we had a nice dinner and it was nice catching up. It's been since April that I've seen my dad and Jo, and since 2003 that I've seen my grandma.

Tomorrow we're heading to the coast, which is about a 2hr drive to where we are going. My dad and Jo used to work in Lincoln City for 2 winters. They're semi-retired and travel managing RV resorts/parks along their way. So, they want to go back and visit everyone back there. Maysen loves the coast, but it's getting cold so it won't be as nice as the warm/sunny days like summer. On Friday everyone (except Nate, Maysen, and I) are going to Crater Lake. Saturday we're all going to the pumpkin patch for Maysen to pick out pumkins. Jenn is planning on coming down that day to visit everyone.

.... UPDATE: today is 1/24/2016: I just ran across this post today, unfinished. I felt it was only proper to publish it just the way it was ...

Friday, October 6, 2006

Headless geese

It was the most amazing thing ... walking through the park and seeing these poor geese with no heads ... just lonely bodies.

And currently coming from my living room:


Tuesday, October 3, 2006

A few nights ago, Maysen started crawling out of his crib. He'd come waltzing out of his room carrying his blankets like "Here I am, whatcha guys doin?" He crawled out three times that night, and we knew it was time. His crib is 3-in-1 crib, where it can be transformed.This past weekend we took the front part of Maysen's crib off and put up his side rails. It now looks like a small day bed than a crib. For Maysen's 2nd birthday we have started transforming his nursery into a big-boy room. His theme is Planes, Trains, and Trucks. He got new curtains, bedding, his own pillow, lamp, and decor. On Saturday we got his room painted and next weekend we're putting Waines coating painted white half way up the wall.

This is night 2 of the big-boy-bed. Last night we had melt down for about a hour with about 5 repititions of having to put him back in his room. Once he waltzed out totally naked. I'm not sure what this new fetish is, because he did it today, too, during nap time. I checked on him and he was passed out - buck naked. I'm hoping this isn't a continuing trend ...

Friday, September 29, 2006

Well said, Oliver

Amen, brother. Every night when I turn on NBC Nightly News, I fear for my son's life when he's 20yrs old. I worry for my grandchildren and THEIR children. I can credit all of my fears for him and the rest of our entire nation on our own dear Mr George W Bush. And to think there are still people that support him! You're right .. we're SO MUCH better off now than we were 8yrs ago! What was I thinking!!!! Heh. I didn't realize that dillusion could run so deep...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Who needs it?" WHAT!!?

Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, has announced he will not be selling rights to Craigslist, even though MySpace was recently valued at $15 billion. If you've never used Craigslist, I'd like to encourage you to do so. It's a very helpful tool to manage your needs in more than one way. It's refreshing to see a human being actually let the system do what it was meant to do, instead of occupying time trying to achieve capital gain.

Monday, September 25, 2006

New things:

So, what's new in my life? I haven't written in awhile. Little things here and there, but it's worth keeping everyone squared away on what home improvement project I completed on what day!

1) Hung new basswood blinds in our bathroom. Got rid of the old crappy vinyl blinds - and man! What a difference! Really brings the room together.

2) Our house appraises for $35000 more than what we bought it for in October 2005.

3) My sister's wedding for October is cancelled. Long story - well. Sort of. Complicated and confusing is more like it. We used to talk 194 times a day and we no longer talk anymore. Sad, considering how family oriented (considering she's all I really have left in my family) she used to be with me, Maysen, and Nate. I fear that phase is over.

4) Maysen's vocabulary has exploded and now includes things like: butterfly, Jurny (cousin), potty, water, bath, night-night, juice, shoes, socks, movie, stop it (sign language), do it, got you, poopy (that's a fun one) ... and it amazes me how I could look at him and say just about anything and he'll know exactly what I'm saying. Well, anything but "Do you know why Columbus thought the world was flat?" ... he might not know that one ... yet.

5) We changed bathroom light fixtures this weekend from the old generic cheapo ones to more elegant bright ones. That actually included cutting the power off and messing with cords/wires and stuff. Mrs Bob Vila again ... I held the flashlight. Does that count?

6) Got my house decorated for fall - will post pics later.

7) Getting ready to redecorate Maysen's room for his Big Boy 2nd birthday. Theme is Planes, Trains, and Trucks. Planning of the 2nd birthday is still in the works. Oh. And there's Halloween. I think we're doing Superman?

And that's all I know. (I think).

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

BOY! to BRRRR! in 48hrs!

So, this past weekend we were in Bend (see post below). I could not believe how quick the weather turned. Papa and Sherrill took Maysen swimming in the kiddie pool on Wednesday afternoon and it was about 80. He wasn't too sure about it at first, but after about 5 minutes he warmed right up, getting a running start down the slant into the pool, and falling down on purpose with his little feet kicking and arms waiving. It's good to see he's go the brains to know the beginnings of how to swim!

And then this picture was taken Friday night. 2 nights later, at approximately the same time of day. We had driven up to Lava Lands, but it was closed so we drove about 4 miles further and discovered hiking trails to the falls. So, we decided to go! Since all of this was on a whim, we didn't have Maysen's coat. We did, however, have this GREAT hoodie hat that Papa and Grandma Sherrill bought him, so that fit snuggly on his head. I had bought Nate a University of Oregon hooded sweatshirt earlier in the day, so Maysen got to wear dad's old hoodie and we improvised on the sleeves! When we got back in the van it was 41 degrees! I most certainly did enjoy the fire in the fireplace that night.

And so since I started it, I know I'll get flack: How about that Oregon Game, huh?? Okay, Okay. So the officials weren't on their mark 100%. But WHO IS?? Calls went in both favors at times, so it was pretty even on bad calls .... but in the end Oregon has the "W" on their side. And Oregon still had to make plays. If the Sooners were the better team, they would have stopped us! There, chew on that!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Cozy Inn...

I'm in heaven. I left Eugene on Wednesday and met my inlaws up here at the Inn at Seventh Mountain near Mount Bachelor. When Maysen and I got up here, it was near 80 degrees. We swam, laughed, went to the park and fed ducks, shopped, and watched movies. We had a great time. Maysen got great "Papa and Grandma Sherrill" spoiling time. It was great to watch him identify Papa and grandma Sherrill because he doesn't see them all that often. Yesterday a cold front moved in, and today's high was only 45! I'm so glad there is a wood-burning fireplace. I'm planning on firing that baby up soon! Papa and Sherrill took off this morning and Nate took off early and will be here soon.

Tonight's agenda: Comedy movie, crackling fire, and s'mores. Mmmm....

Thursday, September 7, 2006

First Zoo Experience

Last weekend was Maysen's first zoo experience. We met up with Matt and Jenn and went to the Portland Zoo. Maysen loved it! He would start throwing fits in between animal cages thinking it was the last one. The above picture is of Maysen watching the monkeys. His overall favorite, though, was the petting zoo where he got to pet the goats.

In fact, there was a black and white goat that Maysen must have irritated because when he walked past it, it put it's head down and butted him right in the side!! What's even more funny is that Nate got it on camera! Might have to submit that to America's Funniest Home Video. It was hilarious!

And I'm finally mobile/wireless again. I got a new laptop! Apple must work great for some people, and perhaps I am a creature of habit, but I'm happy to have a Windows machine back!

This weekend I am husband-less. Nate is going hiking/backpacking with his dad and brother up near Bend, OR. Saturday I'm getting a babysitter to go get a haircut and who knows! I might go shopping or something BY MYSELF! I don't think I've done something like that alone since Maysen was born. I can't imagine what it feels like to actually have a cart all to myself. And then I get the TV all to myself. Ahhh, the simple freedoms that are happiness!

Is it weird to look for 2yr old playmates for Maysen on Craigslist? I'm taking him to a story-hour at the library on Thursdays so he can start go get around kids, but he's mainly interested in playing in the back with the toys and dancing to the music. I have one lady who wrote, J, whose husband is owns his own brick mason company and is gone alot. They apparenlty have a lot of land, and tons of toys, but no friends for their 2yr old son, C. We're supposed to get together to have our boys get together. I'm just wondering if that sounds weird ... or much like "today's world"?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mmm...cinnamon-y drizzle

Daddy and Maysen: Dorena Lake, April 2006
These days are fading. The temperatures are falling around Oregon. Well, I say that today, which high is only 71 today. However, this weekend will be back in the 90s. Perhaps I'm just ready for fall. I took a bath last night in my jetted tub and watched the wind blow through my bathroom window. I love the coziness that fall brings: chili, dark evenings, cinnamon candles, blankets, drizzle.

And I love Netflix. We order a movie, takes 1 day to process and 1 day to get here. And you set up a queue and when they receive the movie you sent back, they'll automatically send you the next one on your list. We usually watch 2 a week, if we have time. But I love being able to get just about any movie (no matter how new or old) for a mere $10/mo.

This past weekend we went to a furniture store "moving" auction. I really wish I had a moving van in the parking lot. We would have bought a ton and resold it for profit. We went the last day, and things were going for dirt cheap! Solid oak table/chairs $500, entertainment centers $200, leather theatre sectional with all reclining seats - $600. We ended up getting a new couch and loveseat - originally $2300 for $500. Then I turned around and sold our old love seat/sofa on craigslist for the same - $500 within 1 day. We got some Thomas Kincades and a nice big mirror for our bedroom also. This weekend we'll mount our flat screen LCD TV on the wall. This should be an adventure because it calls for power tools and cutting a hole smack dab in the middle of our living room wall. I'm scared as hell. If you don't hear from me for awhile, that means that I'm in jail for mudering my husband for a gigantic hole in the middle of my living room wall ... and no TV covering it!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My family rocks

So, as many of you know, my sister Jenn is getting married in October. Now, I'll be the first one to say how much I love my sister. With all my heart I love her. But ... she has no clue about this wedding! Which is cute, in a way. "Do you guys want a unity candle?" *blank look* "What are you doing for pew bows?" *even bigger blank look*. So, we sat down and started a mondo details list. Mainly so details could get figured out: cake topper, punch bowl, cake cutter/server, flowers, center pieces...all things she really hadn't thought of. And with the wedding being a mere 2 months away, we had to get settled.

I talked to Sherrill (mom-in-law) and was telling her the comical stories of Jenn's blank looks. And she picked up the ball and started helping me with more things to think of and do. We started talking about flower bouquet center pieces and arrangements at the church. I said I didn't know, but was thinking Jenn wanted some sort of floral arrangements and she has come through 100%. Sherrill's mom, grannie Shirley, has Parkinson's. Back in the day she arranged flowers and all that jazz. Her Parkinson's was getting bad until 2 months ago she had the deep brain stimulation surgery and almost all her tremor is gone. My point is, she said she'd be willing to do Jenn's flower arrangements for all that -- Nate's dad is a minister, so the church is flooded with silk flowers and greenery. So, all those materials are free (well, most of it). I even asked if soemone could be over at the reception hall to make sure the cake got set up right, and Sherrill replied with "You know I'll do whatever needs to be done". It's a huge weight off my shoulders because I know it'll get done ... right ...

My point is that I really love my family! Not only my biological one, but the one I married into. They've not only accepted me as their own, but MY family as well. When my mom was here in December visiting from NC, they welcomed her with open arms and invited her to our Christmas dinner/gathering. They offered their home to my sister when she was traveling from Chicago to here, as a stopping resting place. Always been the one to ask "How can I help?". And I know that if I ever needed anything, they'd be right there with whatever I needed. It amazes me everyday at how great these people are.

Shirley's sister, Bonnie, watches Maysen on Wednesday's and Friday's. They are so good to Maysen and are always there for us when we need them. Bonnie even sewed 2 of my shirts today and was 'happy to do it'. It's just very heart warming to realize how lucky you are to have the family you do. I truly love them all.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Please Help.

Growing up in Kansas was at times boring, lonely, isolated, dry and hot. That is a big change to how I live now. I was used to the rolling prairie, miles and miles of nothing but pasture. After moving to a busier NE Kansas, and evenutally Oregon, I didn't realize how much I took that for granted. I recently stumbled across a blog that takes me back to those days. Susan used to live and work in busy California owning and running her own bakery cafe. She gave all that up twelve years ago and now lives on a huge sprawling 280-acre, 140yr old farm out in the middle of Missouri. She writes about the daily, innocent mishaps that take place with her animals (kids), takes daily pictures of life around the farm (which are absolutely refreshing), and shares recipes and things from her garden. I read her blog yesterday and it broke my heart. Click here to see why:

The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Conservation, or Wildlife Animal Sanctuary, has been the home to more than 155 lions, tigers, bears, jaguars, leopards, Mountain Lions, Lynx, Bobcats, Servals, Wolves, and other wildlife since 1980. The residents of the Wild Animal Sanctuary were abandoned, abused, illegally kept, or came from other terrible situations. The vast majority of the animals were so-called “pets” - and were confiscated by law enforcement officials - usually within the first six months of their lives. They also provided permanent refuge to surplus animals from zoos and other wildlife facilities, where they face euthanasia due to over-breeding. Due to limited funds, the Sanctuary is being shut down, and any animal not adopted or financially supported will be euthanized. You see, I have always been an animal lover. And although reality sunk in long ago that I could never save the world and all the stray animals, things like this still tug long and hard at me. Susan brings light to ways (despite how little those ways may seem are) can really effect other things in a big way. Her refreshing idea of donating money in someone else's name is a great idea. I encourage each and everyone one of you (how few of you there are) to do the same thing. I know I for one am hoping to buy even ONE more day in honor of the Big Cats. Please visit the Wild Animal Sanctuary's website for information on how to help.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ms Martha Stewart

Ok. I feel much better now. I am not sure what brought on that melt down a few days ago, but with the help of brownies, I'm much better. I'm off all week this week (Dr D is touring Stanford with his son). The joke around work is "Do you still work here Leslie?" Uh. Well, sort of, maybe? I still get paid and benefits, but am I really there? 2 days a week, maybe? Yes, I have the perfect job.

I am just turning into all sorts of TV personalities lately. Yesterday I took the latter part of the morning and did some shopping. I was amazing how well Maysen did in an actual STORE CART, but he did great. I was impressed with how well this floral arrangement turned out for my dining room table. The vase and silk flowers were all on clearance, so I had a hay day. I think my limited flower-arranging skills came out in full force and didn't fail me, although there really isn't much there to arrange. I think that I may even ask my sister if she would like to borrow this for her wedding. I will be in a burgandy dress, and the other bridesmaids will be in a similar color as the vase. Like my new fridge? Well, we've had it for about 3 months now. That was the last of the changing out all appliances to stainless steel.

Since my antique collecting side has come out lately, I've been doing more of a antique look in my living room. I'm not sure why. I added a shelf above our reading chair (and Maysen's "naughty chair") and carried over half of our set of antique Children's Story Time book set from 1936. That lantern is from 1921. Above on my eyebrow (for those of you who don't know, it's the shelf thing built into my wall) you'll see the 1892 set of red encyclopedias that Nate's grandma gave him 2 yrs ago at Christmas with a school box simulated from back in the 1940s. I changed out a reddish vase with a more neutral old-style pitcher I filled with dried baby's breath and eucalyptus leaves. Pay no attention to the cords behind the stand (sounds like Wizard of Oz "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" - hey Jenn: "And now let the joyous news be spread..." inside joke ... sorry). Well, anyway. I did some slight revamp on my decorating. I only wish the stand was a darker wood, but can't bring myself to stain it. It's solid oak and I am afraid I'd ruin it by trying to stain it.

MMmm... I have Crock Pot chili brewing in my house. It was cloudy and cool when I woke up this morning and chili sounded good. That and an apple/cinnamon candle burning. I think I'm ready for autumn!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

B---- mode.

I need chocolate brownies. I'm in a bad mood. I had a great weekend with Jenn and Matt for his birthday up in Portland, but today got shot all to hell.

  1. 45min from home we hit traffic jam. Took shoulder and took nearest exit, which consisted of an option of hwy 99 to Eugene. Got to top of exit - not sure which way highway is. Looks like traffic moving again on freeway. Got back on. 1/2mi later dead stop again. 15min - still nothing. Took median the rough way and got back on freeway in other direction back to exit. Destined to find 99. Find 99. 1,498 people all going 50mph. Hit *dead stop* on Hwy 99 because of a 4-way stop outside of Halsey. 25 min later at the stopsign we look over at the freeway, traffic moving again. Go to freeway. Every 5 min hit a patch of 987 cars all going 35mph. 2 hours late picking up Bean at inlaws.
  2. Go to buy our new laptop (couldn't do the iBook anymore ... I like Windows better). It was on sale until YESTERDAY. Now $200 more. Nate didn't want to pay $2300 for laptop. So, no happy laptop for me, yet.
  3. Get home. Bailey, who we left in the backyard, is now laying sprawled out on our driveway. She tore down a weak part of our fence and has been on an overnight adventure around the neighborhood. I guess I was glad she was still at our house (...or am I?), I'm surprised her nose didn't take her on a trip around the town!
  4. My Clinque makeup/perfume didn't come. Supposed to be here yesterday.
  5. Nate's check ... from Aug 1 not here yet. No biggie, just need/want to shop.
  6. I've been looking at Pottery Barn and I'm now realizing my decor in my house is total SUCK ... and I want all new things.
  7. Need to grocery shop, but too damn tired.
  8. Can't load pictures anymore on my page for some reason using Explorer. I have to use Mozilla.

...and I'm not even on the big R ladies and gents! How about that one! I just need to be bit in the ass by one of these babies ... wasps living in the birdhouse out in my yard.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Upclose, wet Birdie

Monday, August 7, 2006

I just bought an iPod Nano this weekend. Holy hell, I can't wait to jam to this thing on my walks. The sound quality is awesome! I waltz around with that thing in my ear and try to talk to people "normally" and apparently I'm screaming at them. In my head I'm all "Ok, Leslie, talk soooffft" and then the horror spreads across their face as I open my mouth. It was as though I was sceaming "FFFIIIIIIIIIRRREE" Oops...guess I'd better turn 'er down some.