Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spring is here!

My dad and Jo left yesterday. I have to say, it was sad dropping them off. We really had a great time, and I miss the days they were close. Hopefully, in a couple of years, they'll be working part of the year and be up here the rest of the year. Gosh, Maysen will be FOUR years old in "a couple" of years.

The weekend was filled with the guys building my picnic table, which you could see the testosterone levels rising by the minute ... power tools, wood, hammers (thawed, of course ... see "Pregnant Nate" post for details) nails. What more could a guy want? They also did yard work, drainage re-routing, s'mores by the fire, laughing, "Barnes" (Andy Griffith Show), trip to the coast, laying in the sun and skipping rocks at Dorena Lake. This weekend was beautiful, not only the weather, but being all together.

So, you know the hardest thing to find within reason? The glass turntable carousel thingy in microwaves. Ours broke over the weekend, and finding just the glass plate thing is ridiculous! Half the price of the microwave for that stinking piece! Anyone have an extra?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tomorrow I pick up my dad and step mom at the airport. They're going to be here for 5 days. We don't have many plans - we're going to just play it by ear. Although I know Friday my dad and Nate are going to be building a picinic table for our deck, we'll have plenty of fires at night in our fire pit (and S'Mores), and hopefully some good Texas Hold 'Em in with Jenn and Matt (who are coming Friday). Should be a great time. I'm hoping for nice weather ... as in, sunny highs upper 60s. Ha! In Oregon? Yea right.

Monday, April 17, 2006

My new love:

(anyone wanna meet online and play a tournament?)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

This is Maysen and his cousin, Jonas. It was raining so we couldn't do an egg hunt. But we had great food, good laughs, and the kids enjoyed their baskets of goodies.
One question: What's with the bottom-left blue egg's expression? It's like 'Oh, crap! I'm going to pee my pants!"
The attack of the easter grass! Last easter Maysen was only 4mo old, so he doesn't remember much, although we have a picture of him in his easter bunny suit. He was just learning how to sit up. And now he's learning how to say "up" (but it comes out "bup"). And I had strep last year (go fig) so we didn't do much then, either. Man, this poor kid is getting ripped off! It'll be more fun when he's older. I still remember we used to put flour up on the kitchen table hoping to "catch the Easter Bunny's tracks". And then my parents would put the baskets up on the table, and using their first two fingers together, make little bunny tracks all through the flour. It was fun and exciting! I'm sure we'll do that someday. So, there's a good idea out to anyone!

Happy Easter ...

Friday, April 14, 2006

Mr President 2042:

** Set the scene: I'm sitting there, reading the back of the new Johnshon's Baby Body Wash and this boy, who looked about 8yrs old, comes rounding the corner at 100mph. The mom rounds the corner shortly after **

Mom: Dylan, I said STOP!
Dylan: NO!
Mom: Dylan ... STOP!
Dylan: *sticks out tongue and laughs*
Mom: If you don't stop, then you're not getting your Easter Basket!
Dylan: I don't care. You're a bitch!
Mom: I've told you that is not appropriate language to use towards me...

.... I think I shut off at that point. "not appropriate language.."? Excuse me? I'm so sorry. See, this is why kids anymore are out of control. Parents are too afraid of the "A" word (abuse) than just letting 'er rip on their kids. I remember during my really bad stage growing up, (I think I was like 13) I called my dad an asshole because he wouldn't let me do something and ran to my room, locking the door behind me as though that would save me. About 20 seconds later, I felt the floor tremble like the water in the glass during Jurassic Park, and all of a sudden it was like Kong was coming through my door. You guessed it. All I remember was looking at my closed door, in horror, as I watch it disintegrate into splinters in front of my very eyes. I've never seen my dad so pissed and I've never had the ass-whooping I did at that time. And ya know what? I respected my dad more after that. Don't mistake me, I believe that there is a line that shouldn't be crossed during punishment, but I'll be damned if some 8yr old, who I am feeding, clothing, providing a roof over their head is going to a) run from me in a store b) not even acknowledge my words c) Tell me "no" d) call me a bitch. It's just sad that if you take it upon yourself to discipline your kids, they can actually (and have caught on) to turning you in for abuse. Why can't we go back to the days the teachers had big yard sticks behind their desks that you knew you'd get whacked with if you mouthed off? You wouldn't dream of messing or mouthing off to a teacher then.

Anyway. The kid eventually stopped, and there were about 4 of us shaking our heads hoping that kid isn't the next president in 2042. Either that, or he encounters a really giant stick between now and then.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fishy Tank Bubbles

Update on foot: I went to work yesterday, although I don't know why. I got to work, and Dr D took one look at my foot and said looked like I broke a metatarsal. Had xrays done, left work at noon, and then my Dr called and said there was no fracture, but I had torn 3 ligaments/tendons in my foot. So! Here I am, laid up. Bruising is better, but it's still rather swollen and sore.

And now I'm watching The Bridges of Madison County. Have you seen it? I've actually been to the real bridges of Madison County in Iowa, and have walked on the actual bridge in the movie. The county actually had just restored the bridge when the movie company asked to use that bridge in the movie. So they paid to have all the restoration UNDONE and back to the old condition. It's a wonderful story. I just love Meryl Streep's laugh in the movie. So wholesome. I wonder how many people out there have similar stories like Fracesca Johnson & Robert Kincade?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lucky Tuesday

This is how my day started out. And it only got worse from here. So, this was toilet paper roll #2 of the day. Why I decided to actually get out and shop after this, is beyond me. I should have known. I ask Maysen if he wants to go "bye-bye", he runs to the back door. I forget my list, so I go back to get it, he had managed to get out the back door and by the time I got back there, he was out the door, out the garage, and in the street (good thing we live at the end of a non-busy cul-de-sac). So, I chase him down the street, grab him, and as I'm coming into the garage from our slanted drive way, my 1" heeled shoes slip on the uneveness of our garage/driveway and I roll my right foot, carrying Maysen. So, down I go like rock, flinging Maysen across the garage as I go down. I hear the dreaded "pop/snap" and sudden pain. GREAT! Maysen's losing it and I can't get up. Long story short, I get up ... manage to put some weight on it. So, here I sit. On pain medication ... swollen and bruised foot. Any of the 26 bones in my foot could be broken, or just a bad sprain. So, what if one is broken? Nothing. Many fractures don't even require a cast. Usually rest, elevation, pain meds. So, I have to work tomorrow. I'll probably have my doctor xray it tomorrow (who works in my office) just to see. Maybe do triage tomorrow I can rest/elevate it. Luckily, I have the rest of the week off after tomorrow. Friday Dr D is going to a conference in Stanford.

So, then I come inside, limping around and Bailey (our basset hound) starts spontaniously starts yiping in pain. She has Addison's Disease, which requires daily Prednisone and Percorten injections every 28 days. Her yiping is usually due to stomach cramping, signaling her need for her Percorten shot early, which was due on Saturday. So, that was a challenge trying to rig her around for a shot in my condition.

Wee! I love pain medication. Going to go zzzZZZZzzz now. Oh, and Maysen pulled one of the keys off our iBook and I can't get it back on. Added bonus #4 of the day.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Magical Night

I so ripped these off from my sister. Saturday night was a magical night. We went and saw Cirque du Soleil. Jenn and I were like little 8yr old girls snickering, giggling, begging for popcorn by the passing by vendor. It was alot of fun. We did tons of "Ooooo"ing and "Ahhh"ing. The music and vocals were amazing (although I didn't get much of it as it was all in French). It was 2:35 minutes with a 25min intermission. And thinking "golly, I don't understand a word of this" you'd think it took forever, but I was like "Oh? It's over already?"
Let me back-track. The day started out great. We got into Portland around 11:00am and we met Jenn, Matt, and Amanda at Chevy's for lunch. We didn't leave the restaurant until after 2pm. I had *the biggest* headache. So we left and I put myself in seclusion to get rid of my migraine. I eventually fell asleep, as did Nate, while Matt and Jenn played WoW. Then we got ready for dinner and ate at a great restuarant with perfect mood. We had no wait getting in and almost had the place to ourselves, however it was only 5:00pm. We left just before 7:00pm and headed to the tent. Matt tried hard not to get us lost, but alas, we did. (That's OK, Matt). We got a great tour of downtown P-town. And the above notates our night at the show.

I was missing Maysen by morning, so we headed back after breakfast. Maysen had a great night with Ma and Popi, but was glad to get home.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Friday, April 7, 2006

Leslie's *boiling* over here

I find myself a reasonable, level-headed person ... most times. However, nothing makes my blood *absolutely BOIL* than to hear stuff like this. I'm not kidding. If I were anywhere near the vicinity when this occured, you probably would have to remove me with the Jaws of Life off that bitch. It would be her ass that bled to death. It is magnified more now that I have a child of my own, because I can't even begin to fathom betraying that sole sense of security, foundation, comfort that Maysen instinctually has for me. Not for one second. Insanity? Well, she's better off dead because of insanity than putting her away until "..she's not a threat to her or anyone else." I can guaran -F'in- tee she wouldn't be a threat if they just sawed off her legs and let her bleed to death. Nope! Wouldn't have to worry for one second about. I'm so an eye-for-an-eye it's not even funny. How did this insane bitch go get married, have 2 other kids and not a hint of insanity? And what about the other nut job who drowned her kids one-by-one in a bathtub? I recall her husband called his mother to sit with her because he was afraid she would do something. HELLO?! Ok, didn't need to read that on a Friday night. Now I'm just pissed.

Editors Note: I apologize for my language in the above post. I can be forgiven for reason of temporary insanity ... how ironic, eh?

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Cirque, baby!

So, for Nate's 29th birthday (which was 3-24-06) we're going to see Cirque Du Soleil: Varekai in Portland with Matt and Jenn on Saturday night. I'm very excited. We don't get many outings away from my Mr Bean (who will be having a sleep-over with grandma Bobbi). We're also meeting up with a friend of my from college who moved to the Portland area about a year ago from Kansas. She's lived here a year and I haven't met up with her yet to get caught up. So, that will be fun.

I got some great news yesterday, too. My dad and step mom Jo will be coming to visit in 2 weeks! We've missed them terribly and haven't seen them since August. They'll be coming from April 20-25th. I'm very excited. I'm going to try and talk my dad into building me a picinic table for my deck so we can eat outside on nice evenings. Then move to the patio for a nice fire.

Saw a patient today: I believe I've spoken about some of the never ending joys of my job, haven't I? Today I had a 87 yr old not only explain me to the color, consistency, and ODOR of his feces, but then he divulges further into explaining how sometimes his Viagra is ineffective unless he masturbates before hand (excuse the pun) to "Get 'er started". Thank God I am able to tune out stuff like that and think "Cute puppies, giggling babies" while smiling saying "Uh huh, okay, right". *blink, blink*.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Suspended Tuesdays

I'm now free of Tuesdays. Yesterday I talked with Dr D (who I work with) and he OK'd that I take Tuesdays off. So I now only work M,W,F. It's so nice to only work every other day. I'm a lucky girl. So, today I am enjoying my first Tuesday off and so far I've gotten alot done. I've played cars, ball, Old McDonald, and read "I Wish I had Duck Feet" and "Go, Dog, Go" three times. So far, so good!

We got a wonderful letter in the mail yesterday, also. It was from the Oregon DMV regarding Nathan's recent traffic violations. It appears he has had 4 offenses within a 24mo period. The last two being "just our luck", if you ask me. Not saying he didn't do anything wrong, but one was for going 12 miles over the speed limit in parking lot (long stretch of downhill road at the side of his college marked 20mph - apparently considered a 'parking lot') and the last one being he got nailed with no seatbelt 5 blocks down a side street from our house when he was running a tool back to my brother in law. So! Because of these violations, they are suspending my husband's license for 30 days. GREAT! So, next step is to apply for a Hardship Permit for $50 which will allow him to go only to school, internship, and picking up Maysen during the week. My work hours are 0700-1800 so I am not able to drive him around. Man, the fun never ends.

Ok, gotta go. Maysen is drinking vinegar/water for the fish tank. Talk about never ending fun.

Saturday, April 1, 2006

New Yard

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this past week was spent doing yard work with my in-laws. They came from Eastern Oregon to help us get our yard ready for our first spring. Some projects included putting a 5" border of mulch around our whole yard (didn't realize how big our yard was), cutting our garden back and bordering it and strawberry boxes next to our house, building rhododendron mound up front, and much more. I don't have any before pictures, but here are a few after pics. Believe me, it looks 100% better. I can't wait to see how our yard turns out the rest of the summer. We also bought a fire pit for our backyard which we used tonight for the first time. Reminds me of my childhood and many nights at the lake in the summer surrounding a campfire making s'mores.

Don't forget to change your clocks this weekend. We lose an hour. Spring forward - so set your clocks ahead an hour. I can hardly remember what it looks like at 7:30pm with the sun still out.