Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shindley Summer Visit 2015

We live in Western Oregon. My father and Jo live in mid-central Florida. Yep. You couldn't feesibly get further away from eachother while remaining in the same country if you tried. Sometimes it's difficult to see one another and I know each of us feels like we don't do it enough. However, we do see eachother at least once a year. This past March my parents 100% retired. They have a retirement house in Lake Placid, FL. They decided to travel this summer with their friends Ron and Judi and are spending a month here in Oregon.

Dad and Jo would be entering Oregon and coming over the mountain pass and right past Belknap Springs so we decided to intercept their travels and meet up with them at the Springs. We rented a cabin and Ron/Judi, Dad and Jo rented their RV spots. It happened to be Father's Day, June 21, that we met up with them. I cooked dinner for all while the boys ran around and played in the pools and swimming trunks. We had a fire and roasted marshmallows. It was nice catching up.

The following weekend we decided we all needed to go to the Beach. Who comes all the way to Oregon and doesn't stay at the beach. I'd rented a 3 story beach house right on the private beach and it was glorious!

It was going to over 100F in Eugene but out at the coast it was barely going to hit 65. And mind you the wind blows at whipping 20mph constantly. Needless to say it was a bit breezy and chilly. Grandma made hot chocolate on the first night and it was perfect!

The Surf Rider is always a favorite at the coast. You get a perfect view of the ocean and if you look close enough and you're lucky, even wales!

.... you gotta have the binoculars facing the right way, though!

After lunch at Surf Rider, we hit Yachats and looked for Agates in the pebble sandy beach. Nate claimed they were all over and I just thought he was looking at a bunch of yellow rocks. It was too cold for Judi and Jo, so we stayed just a bit and then went back to relax in the hot tub back at the beach house.

If anyone knows Dave Shindley, they know he doesn't usually sit still very long. I had asked him if we could borrow his truck to rent a power washer. Well, that led to he and Ron helping us all day long power wash the house. Maysen came out and Grandpa showed him how to run the patio blaster.
They were a big help to Nate.

We were lucky enough to have them here for July 4th this year. While waiting for BBQ and other festivities to happen, Grandma Jo taught Maysen how to crochet. He was really into it! She did a great job showing him this. I still remember my grandma showing me how to do it and I still can (sort of).

We lit off some illegal fireworks out front for awhile and then moved to the backyard (boys got in the pool). We got out some red, white, blue chem lights and filled the pool with those and glowing RWB balloons. It was pretty cool! Boys swam while the big Creswell fireworks show began.

Click here to read this story about fishing. Dad took the boys fishing and it was a super special memory for them.

Playing games was fun this trip with my dad. I'd never really played with him. We enjoyed playing Yatzee and Farkle.

Cherry Cheesecake and Andy Griffith. Doesn't get better. Dad's favorite episode is when Andy takes the boys camping and Barney gets lost.

We had a great visit. It went extremely fast! Jo made me crocheted washcloths for my birthday (she's working on one here) which was special to have them here for my 35th birthday! We all went to Los Cabos. What a great ending to a nice visit.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fishing fun!

Growing up I'm sure most people can envision the opening scene of an episode of Andy Griffith. In the background you hear the joyful whistling of the opening tune. The scene is of Andy walking down to the lake with Opie. Ahh, such simple of times. In today's busy times of electronics, I'm one of those parents who has kids with their faces crammed into those monitors. I wish I never would have started, but alas .... 

Growing up I can remember weekends full of loading up the motor home for a weekend full of boating and (mainly) fishing. I was never very patient unless the fish were biting. I'm sure he was about to wring my neck with all my whining. I, admittedly, have never been a fisherman. My dad? In. His. Blood. So I guess it doesn't totally surprise me that Maysen LOVES to fish. Nate hates it. I hate it. 

So when dad rolled into Oregon for a month, I relished in the thought of him actually taking (and enjoying) the boys over to the local pond and throw a worm out. It took me getting sick and desperate demands for him to take them, but eventually he did. The boys were hooked (see what I did there? Hooked!? Ha!)

I'm sure the fishing trip meant more to the boys than my father, who I'm sure was just frustrated with Griffin for constantly reeling in his bobber instead of letting it sit. But they've caught a fever that now, when Grandpa is gone, we will have to continue. On the night these pictures were taken Maysen was catching little fish within the first 60 seconds his pole was in the water. Now that's when it's fun!