Friday, March 7, 2014

All I want for Christmas...

It was the very last game of Maysen's new found love of the sport basketball. As Nate and I were congratulating coaches and talking to other parents Griffin was entertaining himself by running up and down the bleacher stairs. One of the moms looked at me sort of panicked all of a sudden and said, "Griffin just fell down the bleacher!" I could hear him crying but knew Nathan was with him so wanted to finish up my conversation with another parent. It was then that I had another different parent tap me on the shoulder and tell me I probably needed to go look at Griffin. 

I made my way over there and as soon as Nathan turned around so that I could see Griffin, all I saw was a huge bloody mess. I took him from Nate and ran to the bathroom with him. All I kept thinking in my head was how this was probably just a lot of tearing and biting of his lip since it was already pretty swollen. I examined his lip and saw a few gashes and that it was bleeding pretty good. Once the bleeding was under control and I got him calmed down we started to walk out of the bathroom. That's when he said it: 

"But mom, I haff all feese looth teef" 

Ohmygosh I didn't look at his teeth! His gums looked like mashed up purple hamburger and the front four top teeth were just dangling there. Of course blood was coming out of the tops of his teeth and I have to admit, even being a nurse, teeth are not my thing. I contacted the dentist on call and was reassured that everything sounded pretty okay and nonemergent. The plan was lots of Popsicles and ice cream and soft yummy food.

By Monday Griffin was still pretty sore, his teeth were not reattaching anywhere, and his gums were not looking any better. I called the dentist he told us to come in right away. We decided that it was best to pull the front teeth so that the gums could heal better. Poor Griffey had to have a couple of numbing injections so they could pull them with ease. That didn't go so smooth. Neither one of us I guess were prepared for that. 

In the end the tooth fairy came and gave him a very special brave award. It was weird because she put on there that she said was sorry Griffin had such a hard fall. It was like she had seen the whole thing and new about it. Tricky tooth fairy! 

Good news is his gums are healing so much better now that those teeth are out of there. He will be toothless for probably the next year, maybe in time to ask Santa for a new pair…

Go YMCA Ducks!

This winter Maysen decided he would like to sign up for the YMCA basketball team. He is shorter than most of the other kids and to be honest I was not very hopeful that this would be the sport for him. He gets burnt out very quickly and has the give up attitude. 

By the second game he learned that his friend from school, Max, was pretty much the star of the team. Instantly they teamed up together and became quite a force pick. Maysen discovered he could steal the ball and that was very exciting. By the end of the season Mase was a pretty aggressive player. He was very fun to watch.

I have never seen a child so upset the season was ending. Nate was a little frustrated with the young coach this year, and is already commented that he will be coaching basketball in the future. I guess we will see! So proud of little man that Maysen is becoming.