Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Polar Express, Etc 2009

This last week represented another action-packed weekend of fun at the Scovil House. Maysen had his Christmas Program where he was in the choir as a singing Snowman. He did very well, of course, belting out made-up words that sounded right (Sophen Sleigh?) but kept at it for the whole hour the program went on.

Friday night we headed to Portland to see the Imagination Movers LIVE at the RoseGarden. We went with some friends of ours, Tim & Tiffany and their two little ones Austin and Karaline. T&T hit the ice storm as they were leaving town, but luckily we made it out of Eugene in time. We did hit a wreck on our way to the hotel and met them at the Rose Garden just in time as they were announcing the Movers. Since we had an aisle seat, Rich actually High-Fived Maysen twice! He was sure awe-struck. They had just about had it toward the end, but even Griffin was getting into the dancing/singing. It was a blast. The worst part was the Portland Public Transportation Max ... GERMIES!

We woke up, dinked around and had lunch with Jenn on saturday before braving it out in another ice storm - this time on the way to Hood River. I-84 closed down right when we got to Troutdale, so like the rebels we are, drove through town to the other side where they had yet to put up the barriers and kept trucking (slowly of course).

We got to our hotel and went right for the pool. The kids enjoyed swimming in the warm pool. Maysen is quite the swimmer with his arm floaties. Griffin tried to jump in the pool to me, but jumped straight up, scraping his back on the way down. Bummer! We joined T&T for ice cream, pizza, and then returned to our room to change into our special Polar Express jammies! It was Tiffany, Austin, and Karaline's first train trip, so it was extra special. As noted above, Maysen started to have a real bad attitude when we got there. Stinker!

We couldn't have had better seats! We were in the very last train car at the very back (almost a private seating area for us) so the boys were actaully able to lay up in the back by our table and see out. That was super exciting for them.

What exactly did that conductor punch in my ticket?

By 9:00pm, we were having a GREAT time ....

.... and it only got better ...

... this took some prompting and softening up. Once he started talking to Santa there was no shutting him up. Some things he asked for were: new train set, Space pajamas, new books, and new Hot Wheels. Once hot chocolate and the Santa chat were over, Maysen and Griffin laid down and slept the rest of the way back.

... I don't think they even woke up once we got to the hotel.

Maysen slept the whole 3.5hr ride home. He didn't look so hot and sure enough by the afternoon on Sunday he had 103 temp. Unfortunately, it has remained. Went to the doctor today and awaiting culture results but probable strep throat. Remember that Public Transportation I mentioned above? Yeah ...