Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day 2015

My morning started off swimmingly with french toast in bed with iced grape juice. I got the boys' gifts made from school - coupon books filled with coupons to redeem at whim, such as hugs, kisses, cleaning. If I were smart I would have copied and laminated these for repeat use! 

The boys cleaned up while I showered and then the rest of the afternoon was perfect as well. We got our pool up and running and we were able to get it warmed up enough to enjoy the afternoon together in it. 

We ended the evening with taking mom to eat Mexican food. She received her favorite "suckie" candies, Riesens. She's loved these for years. Of course complete with a card from the boys. 

Every year is such a treat and it's met with excitement not only from them but from me. Not only do they celebrate me being their mother, but I celebrate GETTING to be their mom. It's a fun day. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Walt Disney himself

For part of their end-of-year 4th grade projects, the class put on a historical Wax Museum. Maysen decided he would be Walt Disney. His speech included some highlights of when he was born, how many siblings he had, and also the fact that he died of lung cancer. Also included was an interesting fact that Mr Disney had interests in being cryogenically frozen. However his family did not agree and Mr Disney died before he could put that in his living will and ironically he was cremated. 

One of Maysen's best friends, Wyatt, chose to depict Jesus Christ. He did a fabulous job!

This is Max, another good friend of Maysen's. I honestly do not remember what historical icon he played but I loved his vintage costume and props.

Mr Disney's suit was provided by Mens Wearhouse including shoes. Dr Lorne Bigley graciously let Maysen borrow his beloved Disney tie. What Walt Disney does not have the thin mustache. Hey, $1 at the Dollar Store and we were set! They all did a wonderful job!