Friday, February 6, 2015

Influenza 2015 ... and sinus infection ... and severe bronchitis

Seriously? Blogging about an illness? I'm blogging because hopefully this will be a monumental illness - one for the record books and one not to be repeated anytime soon!

Wednesday 1/28: Doing triage on phones I noted 'I sound like I have a cold; weird because I feel normal.' That went away as the day went on.

Thursday, 1/29: Stomach felt off. Icky all day.

Friday. 1/30: Weird. I don't feel like I can breathe very well. Like I have to cough, but nothing comes up. I pulled out my inhalers and started Mucinex. Still weird because I "felt" okay, just didn't feel like I could breathe very well.

Saturday, 1/31: Breathing continued funny. By the afternoon I was very sluggish, freezing, achy, tired. By 4:00pm I took my temperature: 102.1. Great. I don't feel like I have to cough, but feel it necessary to breath good. When I cough my eyes feel like they are going to explode and head is going to blow the top. Missed Maysen's basketball game. Total bummer.

Sunday, 2/1: Can't sleep more than an hour at a time at night. My chest is gurlgy and wheezy. Funny enough, breathing feels a bit better. However, fever much worse at 102-104 all day, even with around-the-clock meds. Chills and body aches are the worst I've ever had.

Monday 2/2: Woke up at 4:00am with wheezing worse and difficulty breathing again. Fever up still. Doctor time! Saw Dr Huey at 9:30am. Influenza, which led to sinus infection and severe bronchitis. Off all duties for the rest of the week. Antibiotics, steroids, inhalers, cough medicine. Nate stayed home.

My home for the week

Tuesday 2/3: Nate worked from home which was nice. Still can't do much without feeling very winded and exhausted. Fever is down but still about 101. In bed all day.

Wednesday 2/4: Nate went to work. I attempted to try to be normal. Didn't work. Maysen had piano and basketball practice today and it was all I could do to get him to and from these practices! I got the vacuum out and it took me 30min to vacuum the living room with all the stopping. So frustrating. No fever today, though!

Thursday 2/5: No fever. Still very fatigued. Did manage to fold come clothes that Nate had dried. Was able to make pancakes for dinner tonight. Maysen had a science fair but we took two cars in case I needed to leave. Good move! Walking in the parking lot to the school was a feat! My lung capacity is still very diminished. Standing around for 15min did me in. I was sweaty, tired, and needed to lay down! Still frustrating. Sputum is blood-streaked and very dark. Maysen is now congested, coughing, and having a scratchy throat. No fever though.

Friday 2/6: Today. Maysen said he felt good enough to go to school. No fever. As for me, I'm not convinced there wasn't some pneumonia mixed in with this. I get winded when having a long conversation. No fevers still, so that's good! I am feeling a bit more energetic, but it's my inability to breathe well that puts me back into reality. I need to be good to myself and take it easy. Thank goodness it's the weekend again. Maysen has 2 basketball games that I'm hopeful to make it to both but that will require lots of rest.