Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 Mountain House Trip

It seems every year we travel to Eagle Crest, it snows over the pass. This year it did not, but we had a beautiful scenery driving over. Maysen was so disappointed that it didn't snow, but he kept saying "Mom, it's so beautiful" as though he'd never seen snow before.

We cocooned ourselves in the house for five days of family togetherness. It's something I look forward to every year. Just being together, away from home, for 5 days before the craziness of the holidays take over when we return to reality. This year, we brought the puzzle we'd bought at Disneyland this year. It's a 1000 piece puzzle. Now, I thought "I" had OCD, turns out Nate is puzzle-OCD. Once we started this, he could not get it out of his mind. I got almost upset with him because he would hover over this puzzle for hours. He was determined to get this done!

We did sneak out of the house and go to the swimming pool and hot tubs at the main resort activities center. I'm still waiting to sit in these hot tubs while the snow comes down on us. Maybe next year?

Once we got the puzzle down to a manageable frame it was fun to watch Maysen kick into gear. He really showed us up on the puzzle making! He got to put in the last piece!

We watched tons of Christmas movies, I cooked dinner one night, we slept in (well, Nate and I did - the boys just couldn't). We were a bit disappointed in this house this year. We were here 2 years ago and the Resort manages it - and you can tell! It's better to rent these houses when the owners do the managing, not the resort. But it didn't matter - we had a great time as a family. I can't wait for next year and I'm already praying for a snow storm while we're there. That would be amazing.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas 2014 prep

Andy is my crazy brother in law. He's a contractor so he loves toys. He had rented this big bad boy and before taking it back decided he had the answer to Nate's steep peek problem and lights. It was a fun time for the guys (and little boys). Uncle Andy took the boys about 30ft up in the air and Griffin rode it a few times. Boy did my lights get put up fast!! I think they only took about an hour :) Andy, what did you start!?

My beautiful red/silver tree. 

Even Dotts thinks it's breath-taking :)

We have the lights that change (via remote). We USED to have a set up where our lights were coordinated to Christmas music. Our first year using them in our new neighborhood, we had an unfortunate and miserable person leave an anonymous note on our door that they were too "loud" and "distracting". We'd have people drive by and look at those lights just for that - but people would have to come up to the door to hear the music (yep, so loud). Well, anyway. We had to pray for those who left the note because it was obvious that they were a very sad, miserable person. I hope they've got peace in their life now. We love our new lights and it sure does spread holiday cheer!

Because we leave for Eagle Crest for 4 days prior to Christmas mania starts, I have to get my baking done in about one day. This is what my kitchen looked like on one marathon baking day. I had helpers!

I had help until Daddy brought out Risk...then the only help I got was getting my beaters and bowls licked clean! I'm sure once the holidays are over we'll be sad until it comes back again next year. Oh what a favorite time of year this is for everyone.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Piano recital

This is Mayor Dave Stram's piano class. He teaches them all. He holds an annual Christmas Piano Recital and this was Maysen's. My neice, Mazie, is also a student of Dave's so it was fun getting to watch her play! 

Maysen has been a student of Dave's since January 2013, so just about a year. He played 2 songs; Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls. He did so well, surprised a few people, I think. Dave is so great and I hope and pray that Maysen continues to stick with piano. He is so good.