Sunday, February 28, 2010

View from the street

View from the backyard. Nate is standing in our covered patio.
This will be our concreted slab for roller skates, basketball, sidewalk chalk, etc. It is on the East side of the house. This week will bring plumbers, the flooring will go down, and the walls will start to go up. Its moving fast, now!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

two less pedals

“I just can’t do it, mom. I’ll fall off!” is what came out of Maysen’s mouth as I looked into his terrified eyes when he learned his Training Wheels were coming off. I reassured him that we’d be right there and that daddy wouldn’t let go until he said so. He whimpered as he bravely climbed up, looking back multiple times to make sure his security blanket was still there.  

“Push real hard with your legs, buddy,” Nate said and with wobbly legs he pedaled forward. Within literally 5 seconds Nate just let go and away he went. I yelled, “You’re doing it buddy!” and he looked over with shock. Insecurity set in and down he gingerly went but got right back up exclaiming, “MOM! I did it! Did you see!?” I could only smile as I thought, “Did I ever, buddy. Did I ever.…”

As his legs grew weary, so did his little patience. As he kept trying to turn around he wasn’t understanding the concept of continuing to pedal while turning. He’d get to the curb and over he’d go. This little image captures what a Drama King we have in our little growing man. This is just one more step I dreamt about you making as I held you when you were first born. So distant it seemed and although I'm so happy for you mastering this growing up thing, I'm a bit resentful at how fast this really is going. I love you and am so proud of you, little buddy.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shallum is building the fence to where this 30yr old oak tree is in our backyard! 
this is our neighborhood view from the front door.
This is the last picture you'll see of our property without some sort of "house" on it. They are going to start pouring our foundation next week. We met some of our neighbors today, Denise and Steve. They seemed very nice. They are a young couple but already have 7 grandchildren. They informed us that they are the chocolate-givers of the neighborhood to all the kiddos. I let them know if mine are still vibrating at 3:00am they'll be getting a ding-dong from 2 little boys who want to spend the night! Already feeling like a very comforting neighborhood.

This next week is going to be another full week for me. I'm doing Triage Monday-Wednesday and then Friday Jenn will be in town to come with me to mom's follow-up with her neurologist. I'm excited to talk to him about the new FDA-approved drug, Ampyra, which has a pretty good success rate of improving ambulation (walking). That would be so great for mom.

I think I'll go take a nap before the marathon of football known as Superbowl starts .... I'm already excited, can you tell?