Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Updates ....

Momma & Mase Beach Trip: We went up on Tuesday, stopped at the market right by the house and got pizza for dinner and soda! That is just what he wanted. We unloaded the van and after he'd inspected the house and put his favorite blanket up on the bed we went down to the beach. He stayed out of the waves and we built volcanos. We had our lunch on the beach and I'm not sure how much sandwich he ate ... I think it was mostly sand. Ugh.

After an hour we were back at the beach house for Shower#1. We made cake, ate cake batter, and while the cake baked we colored and did workbooks ... all while soft music played in the background. Then we did puzzles and it was soon announced we were heading back down to the beach. Away we went and I talked him into a seashell-hunt-walk. Holding ever so tightly he held my hand careful not to let the waves get him (had a scare last time we were at the beach). Then we buried Mase' legs/feet in the sand and Maysen put his shoes on the sand and he thought it was hysterical. There was an older boy behind us that buried his whole body and Mase was all concerned. :)

We made it back up to the beachhouse in time for dinner and a movie (Shrek). Maysen got cake and frosting and pizza. Happy boy! Before bed, we went to the park in the community and blew bubbles and played on the playground. He went to sleep relatively easy after we read stories and then I got some quiet time. It was a great time just him and I. I am hoping to make that a yearly ritual.

Boys Camping Trip
Nate and Maysen went camping shortly after I returned from the coast with Maysen. I had my 29th birthday the day before they left. Jenn was in town and we had a good time. Last year in my 20s! Anyway, our poor cat Birdie hasn't been doing well and we had got a new prescription of meds that might save her life, but they needed to be given 3 times a day. I had been planning on going up to Bend to spend time with my step motherinlaw and my sis in law. But in light of Birdie's condition and her new meds, I had to stay home to take care of her. I kept Griffin here so I got some quiet/one-on-one time with just him too and that was nice. The boys had a great time, came back sunburned (nate) tanned (mase) and eaten alive (both!). I flinched at the idea they didn't wear PJs camping ... I'm sooo not a camper. The boys came home after day 4 covered in dirt and filth and they had a blast. Tired, but a blast.

While hiking down the mountain, Nate experienced that seemed to be something out of the twilight zone. You see, as he started down, he noticed the rubber front off the tips of his boots came undone. By the time he got down the mountain it looked as though he was no longer wearing HIKING BOOTS, but rather leather moccasins! They just fell completley apart! I laughed so hard I peed! Poor Nate ...

2nd round of pneumonia. We have figured out it is a herpes infection that causes a secondary infection. So her new medicine was a new antibiotic and Lysine. 3 times a day. She seems to be acting better, but not quick on the weight-gain. She looks like a poor little malnutritioned lion. :(

We are going to look into putting our house back up on the market. We're realizing now is the time to get out before our house is worth even less .... and we need more space! I'd love to be able to start building a house of our own ... but we have to sell this one first, so that might be happening in the next coming week...

If no one knows, my mom is disabled. For the last 7 years or so she has been living in North Carolina with a man who took her under his wing to take care of her. He began to develope his own problems and fell very ill the last few weeks during which his daughter, M, was looking after my mom (who refuses to move closer to us). I got a text today that this man, P, had passed away today. I don't know how that changes things, but I think my life will be taking a different path in the next few weeks/months.

The second that the boys left on his camping trip, Fin started spitting out words left and right. He didn't have to compete with Maysen and the words came flooding out. He started saying: Ooops. Ooopsie. Uh-Oh. Wet. Momma. What's That!? It was fun. He needed a lot of attention because his Bubba was gone camping, but we had fun ..

Enough of the updates ...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ahh, my beach house!

Chapter 1: THE BOYS

Griffin: Griffin has successfully been able to bust all 4 I-Teeth out now but they’re slow to come in. He is saying full sentences with inflections, but no words yet. He does say about 15 words independantly and according to Dr U that’s perfect! He had his 18mo check a few weeks ago and nothing to report there except he is slowing some in height. He used to be like 90% in height and Nate was just so sure he was going to be his tall boy … but I am afraid we’re going to have just normal but stout boys. Linebackers maybe? I can’t believe how quick the “Terrible Twos” comes. First of all, the TT theory needs to have a exeception clause that states “…give or take a few…” because lemme tell you. I have an 18mo old already into it …as well as a 4.5yr old who IS STILL IN IT! Griffin will drag out curling irons, crayons (before he munches then shines me the red/yellow/green flecked smile that looks like the homeless woman’s smile who lives downtown – yikes). We are throwing tantrums these days which involve (not always all at once, but it has been known to happen): throwing himself on the floor, kicking, hitting, will run away just to run back and lug into you like you weren’t there, scream and whip his head side-to-side. I can’t even bring myself to laugh anymore because its … that.ridiculous.

Maysen: Ahh, yes. The addendum to the terrible two’s. This one said goodbye to his long-lost best friend for the past year, Treyger. Treyger lived next door and is about 1.5yrs older than Maysen and yesterday they moved to Idaho for better work. T and M have frequented many ‘a backyard for random water gun fights, and I don’t know how many PB& J sandwiches those boys ate in M’s clubhouse. He was a great kid who taught Maysen to draw within the lines and now we have a whole other level of OCD – the color-within-the-lines-or-I-might-break-a-sweat OCD challenge. It’s good, because now his pictures are much more involved passed the simple scribbling.

However, T brought this screaming “AAAAAAAAA” to Maysen’s lifestyle that I absolutely can’t stand. It’s not only the AAAAAAA but it will be incorporated into words. For example: “AAAAAAAAdon’t want to go therereerereerereerereerAAAAAAAA.” Yeah. Brilliance. Now couple that simple wonder with the fact that he won’t listen and we’re talking in 5min I’m having a nervous breakdown. Fact is, the more sneaky Griffin gets the less patience I have with Maysen. Which sucks. It just does. So after a melt down night with him I decided I needed to take just him and get away. So I booked the beach house (in case you were wondering what the random beach house pictures were for) for this Tuesday and we’re going to spend Tues/Wed at the beach. Away from work, house, friends, brother, dad, everyday food (we’re eating nothing but cookie dough according to M). Yep! We’re loading up the kites, bubbles, and books and we’re sneaking away for awhile. I’m honestly very excited.

Then while at swimming lessons last week he got too far away from the side without anyone seeing him and “sunk” as he called it. I looked up finally to see 1 hand sticking out of the water. Poor boy … he was a bit pale and bluish lips, coughed up some water but not too scared to not swim anymore. But it was scary. It can happen so fast!

Chapter 2: Weekend
Went out this weekend with some old and new friends. It was so fun to feel like 21 again … being out with all the youngins! We got such a kick out of watching what I’m sure we looked like once before … the awkward silences between two new couples, the idiots some people make out of trying to dance (No … not ourselves!). It was fun. I actually did it two nights in a row! It was M’s last night in town so I wanted to see it off one last night! Thanks again, though wish I hadn’t ran out so fast .. who know what YOU could have gotten into! We also had my nephew’s 6th birthday party Saturday so that was fun. I think I’ll die when my son is on the “other” end of the decade spectrum.

Chapter 3: Work
Work has been going really well. Once the nurses who took vacation came back my schedule went to right what I wanted. Right now it's 1 afternoon a week, about 5-6hrs. It's perfect. On Thursday they asked me if I'd be interested in working in an upper PACU position. Meaning, I would get the more critical cases that came out of the OR .. I said sure! It will require a couple full-time weeks to get fully trained but I'm excited about the experience that I'll gain from that. I will be getting a longer day - still one day a week, but I'll get more hours out of my one day. Maysen wasn't real keen on me going "back" to work (my day or two) but he's adjusted fine now. Both boys have and I think htey kinda like it now.

With that I will close. I have work, yoga, walking, 2 boys, work other job, laundry, yard work, cleaning, cooking, and many more things this week that I must rest up for. Good night.