Monday, June 4, 2012

We’re just going to ignore the fact that I’ve been MIA for the last 8 months (or so…) and pick up where we left off, Mkay? Good.

Mr White Willy Jangles

As if one little teeny dog wasn’t enough, Nate decided to fall in love with Mr Bo Jangles and hound me for another little one. For his 35th birthday in March we decided to get little Bo a brother. Meet White “Willy” Jangles.

He is now almost 6 months old, Bo is almost 9 months old and they are polar opposites. Bo is very smart and patient. When Bo walks it’s like he’s prancing like a pony, so delicate and small. He’s only about 3lbs total and very petite. He will wait to be picked up and when he takes bites from you he’s very gentle.
Willy is a clumsy oaf, bounding around every turn like a very miniature white lab. He’s very soft like cotton and his tummy always seems to be fat and warm. He likes to find sticks from just about anywhere, and he’s very much a Momma’s Boy. He’s rowdy and rough, but he’s sweet. We’re very happy with our two new boys.

We took them on the boat for the first time (will have to read 2012 First Boat Experience … soon to come). At first you could see they were like “What the Hell!?” and as if on que, Willy took a dump right under the captains chair. Luckily their terds are like tootsie rolls and they were pitched over the side like pieces of bread for the ducks. Ok, bad analogy but you get the jist …

Soon they were basking in the sun on the co-captains chair and sitting “Chinese-Eyed” in the sun. When they got a bit warm, signaled by their tongues hanging out and looks of panic, we threw them in the lake tied to a rope and it’s a sight to watch them swim! Nate looks like he’s Chihuahua-fishing with his line in the water tied to a dog, but after a minute we pull them in and they’re cooled off. They do, however, get a bit nervous when we’re going “bat outta hell” fast … they get a bit panicked when that kicks in, but overall they tolerate it well.

Bay is getting along with them very well. They gravitate toward her. You can tell her face is like “Oh for the love of God….” And they’re all, “YIIIPPPPEEEEEE!!”. She is, after all, almost 13, so who can blame her? I know that if I’m all jacked up in a nursing home at 85yrs old the thought of two 3yr olds looking to climb all over my like a jungle gym is enough to make me wanna hang myself in my closet with my wet Depend. 

Nate's Second Broken Elbow in a Decade

I know. Really? His first broken elbow is a nice story about how he saved poor baby Maysen's life by not falling on him when Bailey came and tripped Nate. He braced his arm for the full impact and broke his elbow. Nice story.

So whats his good story this time? Skating Party. He was giving me flack for not going out and skating around. The guy with the apple/nut falling from the tree -- remember him? Well, he taught me that the bigger you are, the harder you fall and at my dainty size, I was NOT going to fall gracelfully "when" (notice, not "if") I fell. It was a mere few minutes later that he came whipping off the rink and down like a ton of bricks. Immediately I knew we had a repeat. 

"No, really, I just need ice, I'm not going to the doctor." 

"Thank you for making me go to the doctor, these drugs are great!"

"I think it's looking pretty good, don't you?", this after 2 weeks of recovery. Yuck.

Luckily he's fine now and didn't lose much range of motion like he did before. 

Don't Worry Mom, They're Clean

You wonder "How does she know they're clean?" Because when I saw that their Ninja game and been paused because the latest Bakugan cartoon had come on the following occured:

Me: Mase? What is on your head?

              My Ninja cap.

Me: No. They're your under wear and that's gross. 

              No it's not. They're clean.

How do you know? 

*pulls the crotch part to his nose from where he'd pushed it off to the side and .... whiffs* 

              They're clean. 

Yeah. That's pretty much what I do every laundry day ... come over some time. Keep reading. More to come.