Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Crash goes the cars!

As noted in the previous post, it was Saturday the day of Maysen's basketball game. Nathan was in a hurry to get maysen to pictures on time with his basketball team. As they were racing into the Tahoe everyone got in their seats Nathan started to back out of the garage. That is, until he realized he forgot his wallet.

Thinking he put the car into Park, Nathan opened the door while still in the garage and jumped out of the Tahoe to come inside. What he soon realized is that the car was not in park, but in reverse. The Tahoe started to back out on it's own scraping Nathan's Chevy Cruz with the Tahoe door the whole way. It bent the Tahoe door backwards bending the bottom and making it impossible for the door to shut. Needless to say it was not a good start to our romantic weekend, as described in the note below.

 While I took Maysen to his basketball game, Nathan feverishly searched for a mechanic to fix the door so we could take the Tahoe on our weekend out. He was successful. Meanwhile I contacted the insurance company only to find out that we would have to file to claims and paid two deductibles.

The end result of a formula that entailed no children and a damaged Tahoe, was Nathan agreeing to get a new car. What a beauty! When we pick the boys up from Papa and grandma Sherrills, it was a surprise. Maysen was shockingly sentimental, and a little sad we no longer have our Tahoe. I think we are all just a little bit spoiled.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Weekend

Valentine's Day fell on a Friday this year. For the last couple of years I have done a candlelit dinner for my three wonderful boys. This year we had ham, yummy potatoes, carrots, and sparkling cider.

Nathan surprised me with a night out to the Inn at the 5th. I have always wanted to go there ever since they opened in the fifth Street market. Nate had arranged for the boys to go to Myrtle point to stay with Papa and grandma Sherrilll. It was such a nice surprise!

After a small incident which I will blog about later, Maysen went to his basketball game (he is doing so well! Really learning how to be aggressive!) I decided to stay home and relax in bed watching the rainy stormy weather while Nate took the boys all the way down to myrtle point. I enjoyed a quiet time watching Wuthering Heights. When he came back we made our way to the hotel and it was spectacular! We ordered pizza, laughed and laughed at all the practical joke shows, watched the Olympics, and spent way too much money on pay-per-view movies. It was fantastic. We even took the dogs.

I don't know why we as Americans need a holiday to show each other how much we love them. However I sure felt special on that weekend!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lights out!

After three days of winter weather, it all landed in one big finale… No power. On the first day we got about 1 inch of snow. On day 2, Friday, we got about 4 inches of snow and then ice fell. On day three, which was Saturday, we got more freezing rain but damage was done. Trees were falling and our power went out around 8:30 am. 

With the power out, we decided to take Maysen, Griffin, and Hunter to the new Lego movie. It was really funny. By then we had decided that the power was likely going to be out all day so the decision was made that we would go day warm at a hotel. Growing up in Kansas one of my fondest memories was getting to go stay "at the Hilton" on a snowy Saturday when my dad had off work. I can still remember the smell of the chlorine from the indoor pool. We returned home after the movie to see that the power was indeed still off, so we packed our bags and headed back to Eugene to stay "at the Hilton". 

We learned this morning when we woke up that the power had come back on in the middle of the night. We packed back up with our dogs and came home. On our way home we could see what was the problem!!