Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mommy Kisses

This picture was taken last August when Maysen was only 9mo old. We were at Lincoln City, Oregon on the coast visiting my dad and Jo for the last time before they headed to Florida. They haven't seen him since. Man, has he grown since then. He's his own person, now. I hope they get to come and see him soon, although we try to make-do with the webcam every once in awhile. The screen is 2x2" wide and so jerky you get major vertigo just trying to see the other person.

Mommy kisses are the best. I can't actually get him to "give kisses" although he does know how to "blow kisses" now. Makes your heart melt!

I don't understand insurance companies. They seem to cause a big stink if your car gets damaged avoiding a major accident, yet if you totally would have wiped out the entire freeway, there would be no questions. Where did I get this? Wednesday Nate was ran off the road by some almost non-english speaking Korean lady who didn't know where she was. She came blowing onto the freeway via an on ramp and, not looking, started merging at warp speed into Nate's lane. Of course he had Maysen in the vehicle with him. So, trying to avoid being wiped out by her and causing a 10-car pile up, Nate chose to hit the concrete median barrier. Luckily, he had slowed to about 55mph before hitting and there was no body damage to our vehicle as the jersey to the concrete median is very low. Only Nate's front L tire hit messing up alignment, rim, tire, barrings, etc. The Korean lady stopped "Oh, I sorry!" was what she could muster and provided Nate with her insurance information. Now, here we sit, battling insurance companies at "whose fault was this?" Are you kidding me!? If Nate would have let her slam into him, who knows what would have happened - BUT! We wouldn't be in the middle of insurance nightmare. This happened one other time to him (poor Nate). He was at a light and there was a semi truck to the R of him going to make a L turn towards Nate. Nate could see that the semi was going to hit him if he didn't back up. So, he backed up quite a bit. So, here comes the semi full speed ahead and his trailer was coming RIGHT AT Nate. So, instinctively, with the vehicle already in reverse, he hit the pedal and smacked into the guy behind him (who had just pulled up behind him). Who's fault? Nate's of course. But what was he thinking? He should have done was let the semi run over him, right! You bet!

Monday, February 27, 2006


Saturday night we had a great round of Texas Hold 'Em with my sister, her fiancee Matt, and my in-laws with great wine and a few too many Pacificos. It was a total blast. I went all-in at the end with a great hand of 2 pairs: Aces and 10s. Or so I thought was a great hand. Nope. Good 'ole mom-in-law had three 9s. My father-in-law ended up winning the pot, which he was getting straight after straight ... oh, and an occasional flush. Go figure! But, it was a great time!

Maysen got a new booster seat. He graduated from the highchair and now can sit at the "grown up table" with everyone else. He's such a little man. Yesterday he learned how to gurgle his milk. We were on our way to
Abby's for lunch, and I look back and here's Maysen with his milk cup, and foam coming out of his mouth. Man, that was fun! Silly kid.

I hope everyone had a good weeeknd! Do anything fun?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Goin' Mac

Well! I am a changed woman. I never thought I would betray my Windows-loving ways of computer language. Today, I did after purchasing my first Mac, iBook G4. I should receive it by Wednesday this week. I'm very much looking forward to being wireless and mobile! I'll update you on my weekend tomorrow....

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Vila

We recently bought this new house in November. Well, not new-new, it's 7 years old, but new to us. Prior to this, my husband (Nathan) and I's "fix'er up'er" skills were next to none. However, today I am proud to say that we are well on our way to hosting our own Bob Vila show. Not that the house needed alot of fixing up, but just the norm you go through when you want things "your way".

The biggest achievement recently is we have replaced both bathroom floors with tile as well as our laundry room. It only took us about 2 months to do, but they were long 2 months. But, am glad it's finally done. The next project will be tackling the backyard. The previous owners landscaped fairly well, but there is a lot of "cleaning up" to do. They have this HUGE garden, which is approximately 16' in length. It just takes up way too much of my grass.

It's my day off today. Thursday is my day off. I only work 4 days a week, although they're 10hr days. I like having a break mid-week, it breaks up the monotony. However, some people seem to keep the day-to-day interesting (see below post). So, what am I doing on my "day off"? Laundry, dusting, Windex'ing, filing taxes, and when Maysen gets up, vacuuming. Have I mentioned I love my relaxing days off? But, the weekend is just around the corner. Doing anything fun? My sister and her finacee, Matt, are coming down from Portland for the weekend. On Saturday we hope to be playing Texas Hold 'Em with my in-laws. Apparently the game is addictive. I have only played one other time, where I experienced "beginner's luck" and whipped everyone's behinds. Apparently I had a good hand, although I couldn't tell you what it was! Have a good weekend ...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Welcome to Me!

Being an RN, you will more than likely in your career hear, see, smell, encounter things out of the norm. Ok. I realize that. Part of the perks of the whole job. However, some people just have absolutely NO tact. Nor, do they care! Example: Sitting at my desk. Man walks around the corner. "Can I help you with something?" ... "I called in a prescription for my rash creme" ...*Look up patient's account* .. "Oh, your Lidex for your eczema should be at the pharmacy" ... "No, it's for the rash under my balls". Yea. In front of EVERYONE. What do you say? "Hope this helps your balls!" Ahh, I love my job! Welcome to me, by the way. I'm an RN here in Oregon working for an internal medicine doctor for a huge conglomo corporation, PH. I love my job, I do. Just some encounters keep you smiling all day long thinking "Man! There certainly are strange cats in this world". I'm sure we all encounter "strange breeds of cats" here or there. Any good stories?

You may be curious about the title: Mr Bean. That is because that is what I call my 15mo old son, Maysen (See above - he has been doing this suck-in-real-quick-and-make-a- "hooting" noise thing). Since the minute he was born, I said he looked just like a cute little Jelly Bean. He's been that (shortened to Mr Bean) ever since. Maybe the morphine and fentanyl had something to do with it?

Welcome to my blog. Visit anytime.