Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall tradition 2014

Traditions. Its what my kids look forward to when certain times of the year come around. They're things I hope they do with their families and so on. We take cozy showers and get ready to carve pumpkins in our PJs. I turn on not-too-creepy Halloween music.

Then usually the fighting will start because Maysen has lost his mind because his tool won't work right. Then Griffin thinks he can cut eyes himself with the butcher knife. Nate has, of course, picked the most challenging pumpkin so is *zero* help. My pumpkin ends up the most elementary one on the market because I'm running 2 other pumpkins at the same time while Nate busts out an ice scuplture of Mother Teresa through his pumpkin. 

I'll let you decide who's is who's. I was being sarcastic for those of you looking for an ice sculpture.

I *love* this show. It signals times of snuggling and coziness. Of being together. Hits off the holidays for us. I think Charlie needs some Prozac. 

All cuddled up watching Charlie Brown.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Citizen of the month!?

My heart is exploding a little bit. This little man walked into the door and pulled this out of his bag. He, along with one other girl, were chosen out of the 4th grade to be Citizens of the Month. That means they have excelled in school and class and should be used as an example. 

Last year was a bit of a struggle in 3rd grade. Call it Maysen finding his own, call it not fitting in the square box his teacher had painted for him. We were constantly worried and frustrated with school last year. Not really with Maysen but ... everything. This year is worlds different. When I asked Maysen was the difference was, he said "My teacher". Let this be a lesson to you teachers out there ... let kids be themselves and work with who they are and they will SHINE! YOU can be the difference between a terrible school year and one where you watch them flourish like a flower in spring.

I could not be more proud of you, Maysen. Keep shining my little Bean,..