Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dry Ice Easter!

Easter 2010 was a great one this year! You would have thought it was Christmas Eve at our house as Mase was so excited and really got into Easter this year!
What we do at our house is we put the basket of eggs in the middle of the table and then set a "flour trap" to catch the Easter Bunny tracks as it goes through the flour to get to the basket (noted above ... we caught him!). The basket of eggs is replaced with the boys' baskets and the eggs are hidden.
Maysen just wouldn't go to sleep! We had to play "hide the eggs" about 5 times the night before and even then he couldn't sit still. We had to use the "He won't come until you're asleeeeeeep." He was up at 4:00am sleeping on the floor in our room. It was pretty magical this year.
After we had our Easter morning we went to Mom and George's house for Easter dinner and hunt there. Mom came with us and she really enjoyed herself. I think Griffin was the big winner, finding a $5 bill in one egg. To the piggy bank it goes! Had a wonderful time!
At work yesterday, I was lucky enough to be working at the time our vaccines came in. It comes in a Styrofoam box with dry ice. What a great Science Day this would be! I brought it home and the boys LOVED it. (That includes the oldest boy of all ... Daddy!) We played Volcanoes Mad Scientists, and Smoking Race Cars. It was a blast....
Will have new pics of the house posted tomorrow. We have the windows in!! Dry wall goes up next week. Its sure moving along!