Tuesday, June 30, 2009

summer playdate

You know its summer when your child spends the whole day, literally, in his swimming trunks and the smell of sun screen doesn’t even register anymore. Maysen once-darkening hair is now back on the blonder side and his skin is turning more brown as the days pass by.

Today Maysen had his best bud from school, Roman, over for the afternoon. They have swimming lessons together on Tues/Thursdays and last week Roman’s mom took Maysen so I could stay home with 2 babies before I left for work. Today I took Roman and after swimming lessons they had a fun picnic outside on the deck. I honestly think Bailey ate most of their lunch – it was too much fun to have her fetch their pieces of cheese off the deck. Ha!

With July 4th being so close I couldn’t resist getting them each multiple bags of “Pop-Its”. My driveway looks like 32 boxes of Kleenex exploded on it, but the boys had fun throwing them, then driving over them with the racecar looking for “duds” that would fire under their tires.

What warm summer day would be complete without a water gun fight? Uh, NONE! It actually lasted more than the 2.5 minutes I thought it would and they got good and soaked. In they came and put the rest of their energy into building “Big Track City” …. Yes; that was the official name. I knew it was time for the play date to end when they started bickering like the couple on “Grumpier Old Men”. This track wasn’t right, and the bridge wasn’t working right, and Roman’s train was longer than Maysen’s, and Maysen wasn’t being fair …. Roman was a delight to have over and so polite! It’s refreshing when you see little tiny friendships blossoming …

Friday, June 12, 2009


We spent time with the in-laws last week and got some good photos. Bobbi and George got up their above ground planters a few weeks back and we reaped the benefits of fresh lettuce, radishes, and dill.

Life sure has picked up these days. I have started my new job and although it was very stressful at first, I am settling in. I have only had about 20hrs of training and I’m on my own in the O.R. on Monday. A, my boss, is in the military. Although I was hating her “Just throw her in there” mentality when I first started, I now am thankful (almost). Its how I learn the quickest and it’s not as though it was “unsafe” but just enough independence that I learned things very quickly. I’m not feeling like I have worked there for 20 years, but I am comfortable enough to ask if/when I need help. The staff is all very nice.

One of my most proud achievements is my IV skills. I can say that I was feeling insecure with my IV placement skills when I first started. Mainly because it had been 6yrs since I last started one and I wasn’t exactly proficient in them even 6 yrs ago. On Wednesday I had to put in 10 IVs and I got them all but 2. Even my supervisor had trouble getting those 2 in. Its amazing how much more confident the older you get.

I’m getting to know Glenda more – my Yoga/Walking trainer. I’m not sure how much of a fan of Yoga I am but I can tell its sure making me stronger. Glenda and I are walking in between Yoga days and in 1 week we’ve gone from 1.5 miles in 45 minutes (had Yoga in there, too) to 3 miles. She is interesting and we get along. She sure pushes me which is what I need. Learning to balance a new job, getting off at 6:00pm then having her come to work out, on top of missing my kids! But life is life and change is good right now in my life.

I thought I'd see if Griffin would like corn on the cob. It was an instant hit! On another note, flu has hit our house. Nathan came home sick with the flu yesterday from work and last night it hit me. Luckily it has been an amazingly fast bug and we’re all feeling much better. In fact tonight I asked Nate to clean off the ceiling fan blades and that lead to vacuuming off every tall surface and dusting. Things look a lot cleaner. Getting ready to do the same outside in the yard tomorrow (dread …).
I am hoping to keep posting rather sensibly - however the next few weeks bring 20hr work weeks on top of gymastics, swimming lessons, and my Yoga/Walks. It's getting hairy these days ...