Monday, December 28, 2015


A boy and his dog, Charlie Murphy. Loyalty with a hue of red...

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Limo Christmas Lights & Christmas 2015

December is a big month; not only is it Christmas but we have 4 very important birthdays ... well, 5 including Jesus! We have Nate's mom's birthday on 12/3, George & Papa on 12/23, and Griffin on 12/27. This year we decided to combine Bobbi and George's birthday and go on a Limo ride around Eugene, something none of us have done.

It was George's first time in a limo so the boys thought they'd be the ones to tell him all about things. We had taken Papa and Sherrill on a limo ride in Las Vegas, so the boys have been in one and of course, were pros. 

There are a lot of people in Eugene that have a) a LOT of money budgeted for lights and b) have waaaaay too much time on their hands. I will take it, though, because it allows us such great beauty to look at. It's one of my favorite things to do during the holidays. I can remember climbing into the car with hot chocolate and blankets as children and driving around looking at the lights of Dighton, Kansas.

We have a Scovil tradition with the "other" Scovils. Usually on 12/23, Danielle and Andy will have an "Open House" where people can come and enjoy pot luck time. After the Open House, Josh and Jessica come and spend the night at our house before going to Bobbi and George's for Christmas Eve. I don't remember when it started, but Josh started making breakfast for everyone the morning of Christmas Eve Day. The year, he made home-made donuts!!! Chocolate and Maple. They were A-MAZING! He really out did himself this year. He was awake at 6:00am working on these. We were very grateful and our belly's also were very thankful.

No, that's not an "dad" that snuck in the picture there. That's DeShawn!! He's grown into such a wonderful delight. His younger cousins enjoy him just as much. Following right behind DeShawn is Jonas ... who is "only" about 4 years younger! He'll be towering over all of us in a few years!

Griffin was so excited to get Pixels from Grandma and Poppy so he was in hug-mode. Always nice to get hugs from Griffin!!

This was our gift to the Bauers this year. I think it matches their house perfectly! Can't wait to wipe my feet on it ... haha! 

We usually have Jenn with us on Christmas morning at our house, but she was in the Netherlands this year so it was nice and quiet on Christmas morning. 

Santa left these hummers in the garage this year. Gear bikes!!! They'll be getting lots of use when the rain stops and the sun comes out!!!

We had a blessed Holiday Season. Looking forward to what 2016 will bring!

Griffin's Wunderland 8th birthday

If there's one thing that Griffin loves more than his Momma (yeah right...) is video games. I had taken Griffin to Salem to the nickel arcade during our Momma & Me trip and he loved it so much he wanted to come back for his 8th birthday party.

The one thing that stinks about having your birthday right after Christmas isn't the loss of presents that some people think, but its the IMPOSSIBLE task of gathering friends over the Christmas Break. I need to learn how to pre-invite his friends because as a mom, I certainly would appreciate a mid-Christmas Break BREAK for the boys. So, note to self: do pre-invites next year before the actual break gets here.

We were able to borrow Andy and Danielle's 15-passenger van and hauled cousins and a few friends up to Salem, stopping of course in Albany for Burgerville! I didn't even have to come up with baking a cake or cupcakes - we treated everyone to Burgerville Shakes. It doesn't get much better than that!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Linus & Lucy

The fighting. Ohhhhh, the fighting. You'd think I was pulling toenails out with tweezers. I don't even get "Maysen it's time to pract-..." before I hear "Noooooooo!!!!!!!" like I've just told him that government put a ban on internet and therefore it was banished.

His relationship with his piano is love/hate. I haven't figured out the ratio yet. If I've heard it once, I've heard it 948 times "He'll never regret it ..... if he quits now he will wish he never quit ..... I used to play but quit and now I wished I hadn't." I know all of this. I tell him all of this. He does not believe me because I am, after all, an idiot in his eyes I'm sure.

However. Before we left on vacation in October, he was given the music to Charlie Brown's "Linus & Lucy". When we got back he started practicing it. He could play about one measure before losing his mind. Then one night, we sat, together and worked through it. Then he just "got it!" From that moment on I'd hear that song coming out of the spare room. Then as he got more into it, the faster he would try and go. For his birthday in November we took his friends to see The Charlie Brown Movie and when that song came on, he caught his breath, leaned forward and looked at me with a beaming smile.

Then my heart broke. I mistakenly booked our winter vacation to Eagle Crest on the same weekend of his recital. How could I tell him? He'd been so excited to go to Eagle Crest. He'd worked so hard on his songs. The look on his face when I told him my goof-up was so tragic. We were NOT missing this recital! Thankfully I was able to re-arrange a day and we came home early in time for his recital. He did amazing!!

I could not have been more proud of him. A big improvement from his recital last year. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Griswold ... I mean, Scovil Christmas Tree

There's no denying that one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time is "Christmas Vacation". It's on ABC Family's Count Down to Christmas, for crying out loud!

This year, just like every other year, we went to our favorite Christmas tree lot (didn't recognize Dan because he's lost about 100lbs ... stress he claims. Hell, I've had a lot of stress and everyone knows Leslie hasn't lost 100lbs!).

We had Andy's truck this year because we traded our Tahoe right before Christmas for our new Avalon. Now, I'm not sure if that had something to do with our choice, because for whatever reason we seemed to have picked a very large tree this year.

We asked for a 10-foot, which it seemed we got. But when we got home, Nathan hauled that hummer in straight from the driveway into the house through the laundry room. He couldn't make the 90-degree turn so he got stuck. So what did he do? He wedged it even tighter into the pantry.

God Bless his soul. He tried so hard. He even went and got ratchet straps to strap the branches down. I finally got fed up watching him get mad, so I just went in, grabbed 'er by the trunk and horked her through. We may or may not have lost a few branches, but hey. She got up that this year and looked as beautiful as ever.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer 2015

Griffin playing "helicopter" with one of my socks in the pool. Enjoyed a lot of alone time with Griffin this summer in the pool. 

Regretfully we haven't taken the boat out much it seems since we got our pool and heater. We love our boat and we've taken out a few times this summer. When we do, one our favorite activities is whipping the boys around on the tube. Griffin has come a long way. Finally, this year, he was brave enough to ride full speed and even liked being thrown off!

Summer seems to go by so fast these days...

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Momma & Griffin's Trip 2015

Every few years I like to take the boys to wherever they chose overnight. Just mom and said child. This time around was Griffin's turn because, well, I'd failed to do this with him yet. Maysen has been a few times and he's chosen to go to the beach - one year he chose to go to Portland. Griffin's choice was "....Chuck E Cheese." That meant we were going to Salem because since shutting down our local one, it's been a source of sadness for poor Griffin. So ... Salem it was!

We decided to go while Maysen was still at camp for a few more days. We left Thursday around lunch time. We stopped first and got milkshakes at Burgerville in Albany. Then onward to Salem. Griffin likes Chuck E Cheese for the video games, not so much the cardboard pizza (I know, right?!). So, when we arrived our first stop was the nickel arcade "Wunderland".

A young man from Idaho showed Griffin how to "cheat the game" by scoring three 9000 in a row. Griffin made out like a bandit with tickets. We stayed until we'd played every game at least twice. Onward to the hotel. My car said 107 degrees and we were hot just driving tot he hotel.

We chose to stay down by the river downtown Salem at "The Grande"

Of course we had to have the jacuzzi room.

Us being silly in the hot tub...


We watched Paul Bart: Mall Cop and Book of Life. This young man relaxed in the jacuzzi for most of the first movie with the jets full blast!

.... a man in a black suit brought us dinner. You just put this outside your door and they come and take it away. Where do I get this service at home??

After all the jacuzzi time, it was popcorn time. What better popcorn bowl than the coffee pot thing? It's called, improvising.

We made an impromptu trip to the Capitol when we left our hotel. We were so close, why not?

Finally .... the reason for our trip ....

Another ticket bandit. The boy is so lucky!!

Griffin is such a social kid. Before I knew it he had made friends with "Andrew". They pal'd around for a few hours. Much cooler than playing with mom ... (and I was fine with that!)

I certainly made some good memories on this trip with Griffin. He is such a great kid and I am so lucky to have him as mine.

Camp Harlow 2015 and Grandma Sherrill's

When there's an opportunity ... you must take it. Maysen went to overnight camp this week for the first time at Camp Harlow. He's been waiting to go but wanted to go with people he knew. This year Roman was going, so this was the year! Since Maysen was going to be gone all week, I asked Sherrill to take Griffin home with her for a few days. Thankfully it worked out wonderfully and Griffin spent a few days with his cousin Blayz at Grandma and Papa's. 

Big Man at camp .... taking it all in. 

Mase and Roman. I'm so glad these two have remained friends for so long. Their friendship started back in pre-school. Even though they haven't gone to school together since kindergarten, they have remained friends.

You'll notice the fan in the corner. I was joking that Maysen would be right at home bunking above Roman. That's when the counselor said something I didn't want to hear because I knew it was going to be "HOT" this week. He says, "Well, our cabin generally gets the hottest so we have to have a lot of fans."

Generally Maysen had a blast. He came home with his voice gone from "cheering so loud" during cabin competitions. I got to hear about his daily routine, and he said "Even the God stuff wasn't so bad". Ohhh Maysen. He's been interested in religion lately and we'd had a talk about baptism a few weeks ago, so this was a great time for him to attend church camp. He came home hot, happy, exhausted, and appreciative of our central air conditioning. All attributes of a successful week at camp.

Grandma took these two Minions to see the movie ... Minions! Griffin was so excited to go to this movie - he was counting down "the sleeps" until he could go to grandmas and see this movie!

Great (windy) day at the beach and park. Making great cousin memories, that's for sure.

I brought them home and within a few short minutes, this was the sight I saw. They don't skip a beat.

It was a great week of camp, grandmas, fun, relaxation for us. Best part? Since we didn't have kiddos, I don't think I cooked once! We had cereal for dinner and popcorn for lunch. Felt good to be kid-free for a week but oh-so-good to have my family back together complete!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shindley Summer Visit 2015

We live in Western Oregon. My father and Jo live in mid-central Florida. Yep. You couldn't feesibly get further away from eachother while remaining in the same country if you tried. Sometimes it's difficult to see one another and I know each of us feels like we don't do it enough. However, we do see eachother at least once a year. This past March my parents 100% retired. They have a retirement house in Lake Placid, FL. They decided to travel this summer with their friends Ron and Judi and are spending a month here in Oregon.

Dad and Jo would be entering Oregon and coming over the mountain pass and right past Belknap Springs so we decided to intercept their travels and meet up with them at the Springs. We rented a cabin and Ron/Judi, Dad and Jo rented their RV spots. It happened to be Father's Day, June 21, that we met up with them. I cooked dinner for all while the boys ran around and played in the pools and swimming trunks. We had a fire and roasted marshmallows. It was nice catching up.

The following weekend we decided we all needed to go to the Beach. Who comes all the way to Oregon and doesn't stay at the beach. I'd rented a 3 story beach house right on the private beach and it was glorious!

It was going to over 100F in Eugene but out at the coast it was barely going to hit 65. And mind you the wind blows at whipping 20mph constantly. Needless to say it was a bit breezy and chilly. Grandma made hot chocolate on the first night and it was perfect!

The Surf Rider is always a favorite at the coast. You get a perfect view of the ocean and if you look close enough and you're lucky, even wales!

.... you gotta have the binoculars facing the right way, though!

After lunch at Surf Rider, we hit Yachats and looked for Agates in the pebble sandy beach. Nate claimed they were all over and I just thought he was looking at a bunch of yellow rocks. It was too cold for Judi and Jo, so we stayed just a bit and then went back to relax in the hot tub back at the beach house.

If anyone knows Dave Shindley, they know he doesn't usually sit still very long. I had asked him if we could borrow his truck to rent a power washer. Well, that led to he and Ron helping us all day long power wash the house. Maysen came out and Grandpa showed him how to run the patio blaster.
They were a big help to Nate.

We were lucky enough to have them here for July 4th this year. While waiting for BBQ and other festivities to happen, Grandma Jo taught Maysen how to crochet. He was really into it! She did a great job showing him this. I still remember my grandma showing me how to do it and I still can (sort of).

We lit off some illegal fireworks out front for awhile and then moved to the backyard (boys got in the pool). We got out some red, white, blue chem lights and filled the pool with those and glowing RWB balloons. It was pretty cool! Boys swam while the big Creswell fireworks show began.

Click here to read this story about fishing. Dad took the boys fishing and it was a super special memory for them.

Playing games was fun this trip with my dad. I'd never really played with him. We enjoyed playing Yatzee and Farkle.

Cherry Cheesecake and Andy Griffith. Doesn't get better. Dad's favorite episode is when Andy takes the boys camping and Barney gets lost.

We had a great visit. It went extremely fast! Jo made me crocheted washcloths for my birthday (she's working on one here) which was special to have them here for my 35th birthday! We all went to Los Cabos. What a great ending to a nice visit.