Thursday, January 21, 2010

Broken Ground

It was an important day for the Scovil family today. We finally broke ground on our new home!! Maysen got to see the gravel truck bring in our gravel for the foundation today and explained why the gravel was used. It was just a neat thing to see. It sounds funny, but the thing I can’t wait the most for is when they pour our concrete. I can’t wait to put our little family’s handprints and the date. Then it’ll be … HOME for a very long time. I feel very very blessed to have been given this opportunity to watch my home be built, custom for our family, from the ground up. I’ll forever be grateful for yet such a blessed opportunity.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lost at Sea..


Yesterday was kind of a hard day for our little Mr Bean. First you pooped your pants (poor guy) and while you were washing your hands, Griffin came right behind you, picked up your poopy underwear (StarWars favorite, btw) and flushed them down the toilet. You just couldn’t believe it!! I was not only amazed that a) he flushed your underwear but that b) it actually WENT THROUGH. I was envisioning a huge clog of sorts, but it just sailed right down!

You had a melt down because (courtesy of “Finding Nemo”) you just knew that all drains and such lead to the ocean. And now your pour undies were somewhere out there, lost at sea. But rest assured. I informed you that there are other little boys out there that have this happen to them, too. So, when all the underwear finally float to the top of the ocean, they gather in an underwear pile near the shore. PHEW! You knew there had to be an explanation, and there it was!

After such a long day, you finally had it and rested cozily up in your little personalized toy box. I knew that thing had another purpose. Sleep tight, my Bean.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Future site of the Scovil Home 2010

This is the future home of the Scovil Family June 2010. What I love about this lot is the fact our backyard will be backing up to the trees, for the most part. It’ll be so beautiful (and shady) in the summer. Our neighbor, whose house is pictured here, is our builder’s mother-in-law. She’s single so nice and quiet neighbor and of course we don’t have a neighbor on the other side of us yet.

Our lot that we bought is along the bottom, last sold one if you're looking left to right. We have made some plan modifications, the biggest one being 12ft ceilings in the foyer and living area. Because of that, the front elevation of the house had to be changed and so we should be getting those plans back this weekend. Can't wait to see!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

What Happened!?

Where did the last 4 weeks go? I mean, seriously? I spent 3 months preparing for the last 4 weeks and it’s gone in a flash. And every year goes faster than the year before it. Life has been an absolute blur since August. We’re still adjusting but we have some exciting news … we’re building a new house! We got our approval last week and we meet with the builder on Monday to review our house plan and pick our lot. Nothing like starting out 2010 with a bang! Hopefully we’ll be breaking ground in January and having it finished right up when our lease here ends in June.

Christmas Eve Day Nate had to work, so the boys and I enjoyed some together time and finished up making Christmas cookies for Santa. Most of the frosting went toward the boys' mouths than on the cookies but it was a great time for Momma and boys!

We started off with Christmas at Nate’s mom’s house. Maysen did the usual helping with handing out of presents. Griffin had fun this year as he was ripping presents open left and right. He was getting frustrated at not being able to play with the toy he had just opened! Maysen did so good being patient awaiting his turn at opening another great score!

Christmas morning we had homemade cinnamon rolls (a new holiday tradition) and opened presents. Jenn and Mom were here. By present #3 Griffin had enough and was done opening presents. We kept the rest for his birthday, which was right around the corner in 2 days!

Griffin turned two on December 27th. We had a Barber Shop-themed birthday party. It was filled with family and friends. We had presents, followed by Griffin’s first hair cut by Grandma! Cake was soon to follow and BOOM .. he was TWO!

This is a "before" picture above.


The next day we headed to Redmond for a get-away to the snow! It was wonderful! The house we always stay in is equipped with everything you might need and we barricaded ourselves in for 4 days. We played games, watched movies, played in the snow, built snowmen, swam, soaked in the hot tub. It was amazing!

We’ve had a great vacation. Maysen goes to school on Monday while we meet with the builder, and Nate goes back to work on Tuesday. Time flies when you’re having fun!

I have made a resolution to not make a resolution this year. It’s going to be another wild wild year and I can’t wait to see what it brings. But I know one thing it will bring … A NEW HOUSE! I can’t wait to move … the last time for a VERY long time.