Sunday, December 31, 2006

Great Scott!

I know I'm a tad late on the draw, but here are a few pictures of Maysen from Christmas. I'm always behind the camera so sorry none of me in my PJs :) Not that I would allow a camera pointed at me within 100 feet while I sported my bed head!

Check out these rain boots! Aren't they the coolest things? Kidorable has the most awesome kid apparel stuff I've seen around. And this oak train was probably the best find I made. Since you probably all know that Maysen is absolutely ADDICTED to trains, this not only is a pull train with engine and 2 cars, but it's also a block-train. I am lucky to have this picture to revert to, as I look at the blocks now and wonder who they all fit back on the train...

And this is Maysen's new "IKE". It's a retro Radio Flyer tricycle. His feet *barely* reach the pedals but I figure by spring/summer it'll be just right. All day Christmas day he just sat on it, ringing the bell. Yea, we're talking I was hearing bells in my sleep. But we had fun pushing him around on it through the house. Soon he'll be able to wear his rain boots (despite the non-stop Oregon rain!) and ride this down the sidewalk.

And in about 2hrs and counting it'll be 2007!! Do you remember watching Back to the Future II? It was based on being in the year 2015 and I remember thinking that it had some pretty awesome stuff (my favorite was the HoverBoard idea) in it. But I also remember thinking it wasn't too out of line for what might happen in 2015 (considering it was written in 1989). Back in 1989 I couldn't begin to FATHOM the year 2015 ... well ladies and gents ... it's only 8yrs away. Before I know it I'll be 40. Cheers!

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Phew. What a week. Ever feel like you're going 100mph and never catch a breath? Well, I've had one of those weeks. Tuesday was crazy as A) it was the first day back to work in over a week B) first day after Christmas C) We were covering another doctor on vacation. I decided I'd be nice and work that day since the nurse they had covering me (I don't work Tuesdays) had never worked with him before, and I could only imagine. So, after a 12hr day with no lunch, I got off work and went to my sisterinlaw's for my last Christmas celebration. Then I turned around and worked another 11hrs on Wednesday. Thursday I was off - but went to a University of Oregon basketball game with my brotherinlaw, Nate, and motherinlaw. My motherinlaw was cracking me up .. as I've never heard her say "loins" so many times in my life. we were clear up on the 3rd story, which is suspended above the court almost and she kept saying "I just have this weird feeling in my loins". Crazy girl. I worked yesterday and trained a nurse who will be working my Tuesdays. I like to think of myself as a patient person. But it was so hard for me to not take over and do things my way to just get it done. Know what I mean?

So that leads today. I'm in total procrastination-mode lately . Tonight we're having a post-holiday Internal Medicine party tonight with soup and games. We're also going to do a gift exchange in which I have no gift for yet :) That combined with a mile-long list of groceries and misc items, today looks to be panning out to be filled with running around and trying not to strangle post-holiday shoppers. (Wait, I am one ...).

Of course the rest of the weekend includes taking down Christmas decorations and getting back on the normal playing field. If there is such a thing. And Hussain is dead. What else could we ask for?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I know most mothers are biased. The "isn't this the most adorable kid in the world" comments that we're either thinking or even come out of our mouths. But I'm not kidding. Doesn't this just look like something out of GapKids? Or Ralph Lauren? My little GQ boy. This was Christmas Eve. I'll post more pictures later of Mr Bean and his new trike!

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Friday, December 22, 2006


A friend of mine sent me this picture that her mom took of their farm from back in Kansas where I grew up. I'm sure you probably heard of the massive blizzard to hit the plains. Looks like back home they only got ice. Looking at this picture brings back lots of memories as I spent MANY 'o days at this farm. Innocent days. Carefree days. And I really miss storms like this. Oregon has nothing but ... rain. No thunderstorm "rain" storms. Just constant uninteresting rain. Blah. Can't beat the tropical look of Oregon in the winter though. The first time I came, it was in March. And I remember thinking how Hawaiian-like it looked. Everything was bright green - the flowers were brilliant colors. You give and take, I suppose. With everything.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oh Bay!

This is our Bassett Hound, Bailey. She'll be 6 in June. It was the perfect shot of her ... lounging in her basket. She doesn't care what you do to her ... including putting her floppy ears any position you want! She has Addison's Disease so she's gained a lot of weight by her daily steroid supplementation.

Sorry I've been missing in action lately. I've had this week off, but have managed to be very busy! Monday I baked ... Tuesday I baked ... Wednesday I cheated and took Maysen to Bonnie and Bob's who watch him on Wed/Fri while I'm at work and I took the afternoon off. Man - being a mommy full time is hard work. Especially since it's cold/rainy outside. Not like you can just go outside. Plus, we're in absolute NO WAY mode with naps. It's been staying darker here, so he sleeps longer. Well, 5hrs later he's not ready for a nap. So by 7 we're talking melting down. I used to think Tues/Thurs were my days off ... when in reality my days off are when I GO to work. But ... still wouldn't trade my schedule for the world!

So, Christmas is knocking at our door. Is everyone ready? I'm so done looking at Christmas lights I could scream. Everynight, Maysen INSISTS on "oook wites?" .. he wants to go around and look at lights. Cute one would think ..... 6 nights in a row - in a town who's population is 4000. You run out of stimulating lights real quick. OOOO AHHHHH ... at the same ones. Wow. Am I a grouch today or what? Yikes! Sorry. Today I finished up my goodie trays for everyone at work and delivered them. There. I've done my deed :) Oh, and I'm mailing 55 Christmas cards on Tuesday. I got the cool thick Costco Christmas cards thinking I'd be the one with the "cool" card in the mail. Go to the post office. After I had spent an hour putting stamps on all these cards, I get there and NO! They require an additional $0.13 cents, which comes in one $0.10 stamp and one $0.03 cent stamp. I stood there like "Uh, you're kidding". So yep. I spent another hour putting TWO MORE stamps on each envelope. These cards look like they're coming from Italy! All these decorative stamps pasted across the top.

Ba HumBUG!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Good Morning, Mom.

So, I'm on vacation this week. Well, my doc is on vacation - which defaults me to being on vacation. So, I'm thinking "Ahhhh this is nice" as I'm sleeping in .. until I get my rude awakening: "POOOOOPY..... MAMA .... POOPY!" I roll over just as I get a diaper thrown in my face. Maysen's got a great aim already! My bed is a tall bed. If I stand right up against it, it comes to my waist and I'm 5'4". I see his arm flailing in the air as I am bopped in the face with a diaper. Good morning, mama!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


My sister and I share the same passion. Photography. We think alike on it - her and I need to take a trip somewhere ... to just veg and shoot pictures all day. Mexico and the Mayan ruins would be awesome!

So, I'm sure most of you have heard about the horrid weather that swept through here on Thursday .... leaving over a million people without power in Washington and Oregon. Nathan's flight home from Denver was right in the middle of that storm. Initially they thought they were going to have to re-route the plane, but at the last minute decided to try and land. After 3 attempts, they landed succesfully. Oregon very rarely has "WIND", so to have 70-1oomph wind gusts left everyone in shock. Luckily my house kept power, with the exception of a few spits here and there of it shutting off. With the wind came freezing temperatures, so those without power were also without heat. I believe most of it has been restored now.

Oregon hasn't been having the best reputation lately. Storms, the death of Mr. Kim during Thanksgiving, and the most recent event of the missing hikers on Mt Hood have brought Oregon into the spotlight nationally, although I'm not sure we like this type of publicity!

I have this coming week off. My plan is to get my Christmas cards mailed and one package mailed. I made one batch of cookies this weekend and I need to make fudge and chocolate covered pretzels this week for trays for fellow employees. I was going to clean - but my H-factor got on a cleaning kick this morning, so we cleaned for 4hrs. Even got all the crushed chips/crackers from the couch cushions! And now I have crock pot chili cooking.

So, thanks EJ for mentioning Sephora. While visiting my sister in Chicago over a year ago I had my first Sephora experience and found the perfect fragrance. Fleur de Sephora - peony. So, reading EJ's post reminded me to add it to my favorites so my husband could get me more ... hehe. Turns out - they don't make it any more! I'm devastated!!! It was so yummy!

Can you believe Christmas is in a week? Geesh ....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Here Comes Santa Clause ... Here Comes-

So here was our first Santa Clause experience. Can't you just see the terror in his eyes! I know he was saying "Hurry up and take the DA-- picture mom!" He used to shout out "CHANTA!" so we thought we'd take him - and he just wasn't too sure about it. He sat long enough for this pic and that was it. At least he didn't pee on him... (Maysen, not Santa).

So, Nate left yesterday morning (early) for his business trip in Denver. This was the first time he's been away like this since the Army days. He used to be gone weeks - even MONTHS on end. I thought I'd never hear myself say that having some space is nice ... but it is. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband. But when you're either mommy, nurse, or wife ALL DAY AND EVERYDAY ... having some alone time is nice. He'll be back Friday and I'm already wondering what to do with myself until then. Long work day tomorrow with taking/picking up Maysen plus my 12hr work day ... then off on Thursday. I need to finish wrapping xmas presents.

It's amazing when your child starts putting words/phrases together for the first time and you go "Where'd he get that?" Nate was getting his hair cut, and as the lady washed her hair out, he patted his arm and said "Wha-do-doinge?" ... it was so precious. Monster!

Friday, December 8, 2006

The Scovils' 2006

I'm not sure why this picture was so hard to take....wait! Yes I do; Nate kept saying he just couldn't fake a smile that didn't look ridiculous. Then Maysen kept trying to look and run away (Mr No-Nap) and 30min later we still had no successful picture. So, this is the best you're going to get. Don't you love the rash Maysen broked out with under his chin from eating fresh tomatoes? And Nate looks like about ready to shove this camera up someone's you know what! Merry Christmas .... Ba Humbug!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Holiday Party 1

Well, at least I can say the ice picks have stopped stabbing me in the chest. I'm just hacking up all sorts of fun stuff now. I called in sick today and let Maysen go to Aunt Bonnie's for the day like planned. OH MAN ... was that the best medicine! I dozed in and out of sleep until about 11am, and I don't think I got out of bed until after noon, in which case I ran a bath and just laid there for an hour. After a snooze, I felt like a whole new woman and decided I'd load myself up on drugs, and go with Nathan to his holiday party this evening. It was held at his office supervisor's house, and it was a blast. They had a white elephant gift exchange, and last minute I threw together the BEST present. Everyone in Nate's office has a great/sick sense of humor. About 2 years ago (still immature and irresponsible) Nate got drunk at our apartment complex and while everyone else was in the hottub, he decided he'd "dive" into the pool. Although he got the deep and shallow ends mixed up. Thank GOD he didn't break his neck, but he did manage to scrape up his face pretty good - which postalcohol was pretty funny. I snapped a not-so-impressed photo of Nate and decided this would be a GREAT white elephant gift. He was game, and actually SIGNED it, I found an old frame and there it was. It was the hit of the party - of course the story of Shallow End Diving Nate was even more hysterical telling. Scott, the office supervisor, plays in a band so after the good food (they catered Thai food in!), laughing, and gift exchanges we all went to their little studio, played pool, and listened to the guys play. Maysen even got out some instruments and played/danced right along with them.

After about 3hrs I was pooped and starting to sniffle again, so we came home. I'm not so sure Nate would appreciate me posting his embarrassing photo for the world to see ... so I'll refrain. But trust me, it's a great one.

Luckily I have the rest of the week off to continue to get well. I know, shouldn't have gone to the party when I called in sick. But I needed fresh air and good laughs, and 3hrs won't kill me. I'm now back in my PJs, sipping hot tea, and ready to crawl into bed. Why is it my 2yr old is only down and out for 2 days and I'm out for a week? There's a conspiracy there somewhere, I'm sure!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Ice Picks...

Yes. It's currently 3:21am. This whole "family is sick but me" crap is now out the window. Sunday night ... tad sore throat. Yesterday at work ... sort of congested. Last night ... tight chest. Now, at 3:22am my body is rejecting any and all bacteria from my body - in the form of ice-picks-being-stabbed-in-my-throat-and-chest. Fun thing is, that although I have tomorrow (today) off, I have to take Maysen to his 2yr physical appointment, followed by an internal medicine meeting for an hour. Uhhh, if Mr Ice Pick is still stabbing me I'm going to say the hell with it. Yes, I realize people at my clinic are already sick - however with 5 nurses calling in sick yesterday (and I should have been one of them), I don't need to infect the rest of the staff who ARE healthy. I got quite a few looks when I let my SARS-like cough rip toward the end of the day. Before I left, my doc said "Ummm, why don't you go home and get better?" ... "So, Mr Smith *HACK HACK*, why are we here *SNEEZE* today? Are you running *SNIFFLE* a fever or having *HANG ON I'M ABOUT TO SNEEZE* the chills?" Yea. Way to go, Leslie. I'm currently waiting for drugs to kick in and to brush my teeth as I've been mouth-breathing all night so you can only imagine how pleasant that feels/smel- well, you get the picture. Nighty-night.... (hopefully). 'Tis the Season!

Sunday, December 3, 2006

O Christmas Tree ...

The holiday spirit grabbed hold of us this weekend. Friday we hung our lights outside, which included my software developer/computer geek husband to map out and configure the best way to string the lights on the roof to maximize extension cord usage. We only had to start over ... three times. It was freeeezing here this weekend. Sunny .. but freezing!

Today we picked out our Christmas tree. We were going to go to a nearby Christmas tree farm and do the whole ride-the-tractor-to-the-field-and-saw-your-own-down. However, my family is on the sick side. All except me, which will probably be hitting me any day now. All last week Nate had a cold, and yesterday during my late Thanksgiving with the in-laws, Maysen started getting sick. Maysen had a fun time running around saying "Eeeeee!" at all the trees. Poor guy kept trying to smell them, but his sniffer isn't working.

Then we had to put up the Christmas tree stand, which was more difficult than it looked. Maysen was all about trying to help! He's into knowing just what dad is doing and how he can help or do it himself!

And it officially only took us THREE hours to put up all the decorations and tree. I think half the time was spent keeping Maysen from throwing all the "a-balls" (baseball = ornaments), eating the tinsel, stomping on all the boxes, pulling the needles off the tree, running around with the figurines from our Christmas village, and trying to hang his train on the tree for an ornament. He did figure out to be "nice" to the tree, and helped us hang the rest of the ornaments.

I found myself humming "O Holy Night" as I drove to the store ... is it hitting me? ... and today we've only watched Finding Nemo ... three times.