Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Don't pee on Julie.

Well, we did it. We will be proud BMW owners tomorrow at 5pm. That's when we get to pick it up. I'll post more pics of it when we get it, but I'm just stoked that it has automatic windshield wipers that adjust to the heaviness of the rain. In Oregon, that's a must - you're CONSTANTLY turning them off, then warp speed, then mild. So that will be nice!

We also learned we've been saving 4x the amount of money we've been needing to for Nate's taxes. Nate is a software developer for Weyerhaeuser, but is contracted, so theoretically he's his own business. Which gets hairy because you have to pay taxes every quarter instead of once a year. And it's really just an "estimate" when you first start off because nothing is stable. Well, we'd been saving 1/3 of every check he had and putting it in a mutual fund collecting interest until taxes. We found an AWESOME accountant who got us a gazillion deductions including part of our mortgage for Nate's "office", mileage, cell phone bill, you name it! So, bottom line is we've been saving 4x too much money every month since June of last year. That's a nice bonus :-)

Julie, my old roommate from Kansas State University, is coming to Eugene for a conference Thurs-Sunday. I haven't seen her since before we left Kansas 3 years ago. Amanda, another dorm roomie/friend, moved to Portland Oregon 2 years ago. She is coming down Saturday and we're going to dinner/drinks. I haven't hung out with these two girls together since my wedding almost 7 years ago. So, that should be lots of fun. Julie has always been a party girl, the thought of marriage gave her hives so when I was planning MY wedding in our small dorm room she was going in and out of delirium. So, I'm curious as to how she's going to do staying 4 days at my house with my 2yr old running screaming like a banshee buck-naked through the halls. And if he pees on her ... well, we won't talk about that. Poor Julie. Now look at her! She's graduating from Columbia LAW SCHOOL in May.

I think that's it for now as I'll be super mad crazy over the next few days. I'll post pics this weekend.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

To Buy or Not to Buy.

Ok - most of the time I believe I can give relatively sound advise. If someone were to ask me what to do, I'd say they were nuts. Why? We're considering buying a 2004 BMW 325i. Why? Because it's a really good deal through a private seller, we've both always wanted one, we're in a position to afford one (although one could argue that money could be going to more useful places ... true? Sure.), it would be nice to have a 3rd vehicle to lighten the load of commuting on Nate's truck and my van, not to mention cheaper in gas because my van and Nate's truck aren't exactly 28 miles per gallon vehicles.

The responsible part of me says I'm nuts because I could be saving $$$ toward a new house in acouple of years, or saving in general, etc. Now we have no car payments, but now we'll have one. But when is it time to splurge and have fun? Ever? Or when becoming a parent and growing up does that mean you can't do that anymore?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Missing Home.

If only I could fly over the rainbow and be here right now ...
There really is no place like home.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Land Purchase

November 2005 we purchased our house. When we bought it we were paying $1000/mo in renting a house and were tired of throwing our money to nothing. We bought under the assumption that we'd stay in this modest, but small (1381sq ft) house for a few years, but not forever. Afterall, it's a small lot and not going to be able to suit our needs once we expand. My brother in law, Andy, (Jurny's dad - see Jurny below - Maysen's twin almost) is a contractor and builds homes here in town. A few years back he purchased some acreage right outside town in the country and hills.

We've dabbled in the thought of buying some property from him. Today we went and looked - and have decided once Andy gets the "ok" from the county to divide, we're hoping to buy 1.5 acres from him. We'll keep it underdeveloped as you see above - and once we sell our house, etc we'll start to develope it. But it is so gorgeous up there. Very peaceful ... in fact the only sounds you hear is the rare car passing and the gurgling stream that runs behind the property.

I'm anxious to see how this pans out ...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Train Go Bye-Bye

Today has just been a ... weird day. It started off with a) the sound of flushing coming from our spare bathroom. I don't think much of this, because Maysen has been learning to do random acts, and I figure the sooner he learns to flush the toilet the better (and put the seat down, mind you). Well ... then out he walks saying "Da twain diawighewwwkdin fwush kdigheiwkhdg bye-bye!". Um. So I go into the bathroom and I see the rising swirl of toilet water. Yep. He had taken a toy train and flushed it. So, up came the toilet, a coat hanger jimmy-rigged into a train fishing pole, and 5min later we had retrieved (and put away) the train.

So, then we decide we'll go out for lunch, since b) it's unseasonably warm at a cool 67 degrees! We did errands, picked up dry cleaning (which we missed the dry cleaners closing by ONE minute, so I knocked on the door and they were gracious enough to open and give me my comforter, so I tipped her). Old Navy was having a sale on kids stuff, so Maysen got a few summer shirts, feeling in the spirit with the sunny/warm day.

We get home, and motivated Nate decides he'll mow the grass - since it was starting to look like a vacant lot. In Oregon it never gets too cold, so the grass stays green always and KEEPS GROWING. With my windows open and the smell of newly mowed grass, all was well. So I decide I'll put fresh sheets on my bed with my new clean comforter and so I do a load of laundry (I'm aware this is getting rather lengthy...sorry). So I heave my pants into the washer too ... I walk away, pick up various shoes/trucks/airplanes and then it hits me. c) MY CELL PHONE WAS IN MY PANTS. Um, by the time I got it out, it was doing weird lights I had never seen before and making "Mwwwwaarrrr" noises. Luckily I have a flip phone I got new and never cared for so went back to my old one - so I have the flip phone now...in hopes my old one dries out.

And yes, I've had caffeine.

Friday, February 16, 2007


So, I watched my nephew on Thursday. He's 11 months older than Maysen and believe it or not there is no blood relation, meaning he is my step sister-in-law's son. Believe me I think of him as my blood nephew - but what is astonishing is how close these two look alike. They both have a dirty blonde hair and crisp blue eyes. And considering there isn't much difference in size when one would streak by I wasn't sure which one it was, except for the different colored shirts (which happen to match, by the way). AND - I've never been more productive! When it's just Maysen and I ... I'm the only source of entertainment. When Jurny was here - forget it! Maysen followed him EVERYWHERE! I did, however, ask Maysen if he was poopy and of course I get the head shake and the "no .. no!" then he literally looked at Jurny and says "Jurny poopy?" Already tattling on one another. Ohhhh, can't wait for the football games and wrestling matches to start. Maysen watched in amazement as Jurny climbed my up my counters for the suckers in the cabinet. I could see the wheels spinning ...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope that everyone (guys and girls) got to feel special today. If it hadn't been for my INSANE day today, it would have been perfect. Let's just say this. Hadn't peed from 6am until 4pm. Ouch. Bladder goes "HUH?" after awhile. It was nuts. But I got home a bit after 7pm and had roses and some perfume I had picked out at Macy's awhile back. It's Gucci's Envy Me. Lovely peony and jasmine, YUMMY. At that time I had a hard time with either picking that, or Gorgio Armani's "Mania". I went with Armani's Mania, but ended up with Gucci for my present :)

My boys got books (Romantic huh?) but Nate's been wanting the new Robert Jordan book, and Maysen always loves new Dr Suess books.

Since I'm half comatose right now I'm heading to zzZZzz land to dream about Controlled Med Agreements on PC Shorthand. Yea ... don't ask. Night.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Remember that game? That's total blast from the past! So, granted, I'm not the smallest, most petite person in the world, but MAN DO I FEEL LIKE HER. Gee, could it be that in the state of Oregon from October until March it's raining almost 24/7 and you don't see the sun at all? After awhile you never want to leave your house, becoming more like a hibernating bear just wanting to sleep and have your belly rubbed. I have, however, been a bit optimistic with how the weather has been over the last few days. My daffodils and tulips are starting to come up, which motivates me to get out in my yard and prepare for the beauty to come.

Ok - gotta talk about it. Anna Nicole. A) It's amazing to me that people are so wrapped up in HER and now her death B) Pretty coincidental that Mr Lawyer Boy was around close by when Danny Boy died ... and now this; which leads me to YIKES that he has custody of that baby girl C) Do we really need toxicology reports? That woman was so drugged up she never knew what planet she was on. If I was doped up on meth, or "Trimspa" every minute of the day, I bet I'd lose a gazillion pounds too (Hmmm ... that's a thought). D) Reports claim the day before her death she ran a 105 degree fever, so her "private nurse put her in an ice bath". Hmmmm, 105 degrees will cook your brain ... not that she had much to begin with but! Her "private nurse" should have taken her to the hospital instead of putting her in a bathtub to bring it down. Bringing a temp that high down so quick is just as physiologically harmful - you're supposed to bring it down gradually as to not shock your body. But hey, what do I know? I'm not getting paid $200,000/yr to be a private nurse to Anna Nicole. Let's just throw that hag in a bathtub of ice. Yea.

So there's the thought of the day. I'm betting one of two things. She either a) drugs *ding ding* or b) some sort of pulmonary embolis from a recent hush-hush surgery no one was supposed to know about and we'll rule it "natural causes".

SIDE NOTE: Yes, I'm "supposed" to have John Mayer "Daughters" song/video playing when you open my site. I've been told by some that they hear the creepy YAHOO-OOO logo being played instead of the music when you open my blog. I'm told that this Yahoo logo is played for those who have mondo firewall protection, because most of my readers can hear the song and see the video at the bottom of the blog with no problems. For those who only hear YAHOOOO-OOOO, no I'm not a weirdo and just like to have that randomly play on my site. Love ya, BC.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Butt Outline:

Oh My Gosh!!! After review, I noticed you can totally see the outline of my butt/crack on the pic of the chair below. That's hysterical! (Now I know most of you who had never noticed are now scrolling like mad to see the outline of my butt. Believe me folks, it's bigger than what it seems)

Friday, February 9, 2007

New Furniture

So, according to my mother-in-law, I have a furniutre illness. We bought a new sofa/loveseat set about 6mo ago. We got a great deal on them at a moving sale auction, but every since we got them, I was never happy with them. As you can see our house has a weird living room set up which is open to the dining room/kitchen. The furniture set just didn't go with the dining room. After putting our other set on Craigslist.com I thought we had them sold after 2 serious inquries. So, to shopping I went. Here are the results!!

The color of the sofa/chair looks like a blue, but in reality it's a green/sage. The picture above the couch was a total AWESOME find, as it matches the 2 pictures we have in the dining room. The trick is keeping little Mr Man's sticky hands off the furniture - but who are we kidding? That's a never ending battle.

What's on your agenda for the weekend? Tomorrow I'm shopping for a few more throw pillows, hair trim at 3:30 and to watch The DaVinci Code. Sunday my in-laws are coming for dinner. Otherwise ... hoping to maybe get outside and pick weeds. My tulips/daffodils are already coming up, I have buds on my trees, and buds on my flowering plants. This just proves to me that spring is around the corner and just looking at all the weeds is making me feel like I need to get outside and pull some. I did a corner this afternoon while Maysen pulled his wagon around the cul-de-sac ... and I feel like I did about 284 squats. Man, that's sad.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Romeo and Juliet

I think everyone needs to find love like this.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Yachats weekend

After making a million turn arounds trying to find the beach house, we finally found it and unloaded the van and headed to the beach. The weather wasn't too bad - at least it wasn't raining. About 54, which with the wind is about 45 right on the water. Maysen was ready to get to the beach. I put his monkey leash on him, thinking we'd climb around on the rock-type beach that Yachats is known for. We get there, and wouldn't you know. High tide. All the rocks were almost covered with every wave. So, we decided to walk the 1mi trail that leads past the rocks and to a sandy beach. We're carrying 2 blankets, buckets, 2 backpacks, a sack, a kite, and miscellanous other objects as we tredge out on the 1mi trail. Arms feeling as though they would fall off and eyes burning from the wind, we finally make it there. What do I see rounding the corner? Nothing but rock. Sure, Leslie. Why didn't you think of that Leslie? Wouldn't there be high tide at the sand beach too? The water was up so high there was NO sand ... only ankle-fracture-waiting-rocks as far as the eye could see.

Nate suggests that we "make do" and wait out the tide. Poor Maysen was trying to crawl all over the rocks, Nate's trying to fly the kite, my butt is being bruised with every position change. But it was a nice time. Finally after an hour or so the tide went down enough that we were able to get on the sand some, with the occasional sneaker wave, which would require picking up Maysen at warp speed so he didn't get buried in water.

S and M had a room full of toys at the beach house, so Maysen was in HOG HEAVEN! We just let him do whatever and he was finally ready to crash early. I was suprised he slept as well as he did, but he slept until 7:45 on the make-shift bed we made out of a window seat. I got some pretty cool pictures on the way home. Oregon has beautiful scenery. Enjoy..

Friday, February 2, 2007

Yachats here I come!

You know you're in a good job when one of the doctors you work with offers to let you use their "beach house" for the weekend, or any time you want to for that matter. So, I'm heading to the beach tomorrow morning to stay Saturday night and come home Sunday afternoon some time. The weather is supposed to be sunny, 54. Seems nice, but the wind will be blowing and the 54 will seem more like 40, but nothing beats the serenity of listening to the waves crash along the shore. My plan is to spend ALL day tomorrow and most of Sunday on the beach. Most of Yachat's beach is rocky, but it does have some sandy beach. We borrowed Bonnie's monkey leash and plan to keep Maysen on it for most of the rocky cliffs. We'll fly kites, build sand castles, kick the soccer ball, have a picinic and just have a blast (I hope). Will post pics of it when I get home. Have a great weekend!