Friday, September 29, 2006

Well said, Oliver

Amen, brother. Every night when I turn on NBC Nightly News, I fear for my son's life when he's 20yrs old. I worry for my grandchildren and THEIR children. I can credit all of my fears for him and the rest of our entire nation on our own dear Mr George W Bush. And to think there are still people that support him! You're right .. we're SO MUCH better off now than we were 8yrs ago! What was I thinking!!!! Heh. I didn't realize that dillusion could run so deep...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Who needs it?" WHAT!!?

Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, has announced he will not be selling rights to Craigslist, even though MySpace was recently valued at $15 billion. If you've never used Craigslist, I'd like to encourage you to do so. It's a very helpful tool to manage your needs in more than one way. It's refreshing to see a human being actually let the system do what it was meant to do, instead of occupying time trying to achieve capital gain.

Monday, September 25, 2006

New things:

So, what's new in my life? I haven't written in awhile. Little things here and there, but it's worth keeping everyone squared away on what home improvement project I completed on what day!

1) Hung new basswood blinds in our bathroom. Got rid of the old crappy vinyl blinds - and man! What a difference! Really brings the room together.

2) Our house appraises for $35000 more than what we bought it for in October 2005.

3) My sister's wedding for October is cancelled. Long story - well. Sort of. Complicated and confusing is more like it. We used to talk 194 times a day and we no longer talk anymore. Sad, considering how family oriented (considering she's all I really have left in my family) she used to be with me, Maysen, and Nate. I fear that phase is over.

4) Maysen's vocabulary has exploded and now includes things like: butterfly, Jurny (cousin), potty, water, bath, night-night, juice, shoes, socks, movie, stop it (sign language), do it, got you, poopy (that's a fun one) ... and it amazes me how I could look at him and say just about anything and he'll know exactly what I'm saying. Well, anything but "Do you know why Columbus thought the world was flat?" ... he might not know that one ... yet.

5) We changed bathroom light fixtures this weekend from the old generic cheapo ones to more elegant bright ones. That actually included cutting the power off and messing with cords/wires and stuff. Mrs Bob Vila again ... I held the flashlight. Does that count?

6) Got my house decorated for fall - will post pics later.

7) Getting ready to redecorate Maysen's room for his Big Boy 2nd birthday. Theme is Planes, Trains, and Trucks. Planning of the 2nd birthday is still in the works. Oh. And there's Halloween. I think we're doing Superman?

And that's all I know. (I think).

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

BOY! to BRRRR! in 48hrs!

So, this past weekend we were in Bend (see post below). I could not believe how quick the weather turned. Papa and Sherrill took Maysen swimming in the kiddie pool on Wednesday afternoon and it was about 80. He wasn't too sure about it at first, but after about 5 minutes he warmed right up, getting a running start down the slant into the pool, and falling down on purpose with his little feet kicking and arms waiving. It's good to see he's go the brains to know the beginnings of how to swim!

And then this picture was taken Friday night. 2 nights later, at approximately the same time of day. We had driven up to Lava Lands, but it was closed so we drove about 4 miles further and discovered hiking trails to the falls. So, we decided to go! Since all of this was on a whim, we didn't have Maysen's coat. We did, however, have this GREAT hoodie hat that Papa and Grandma Sherrill bought him, so that fit snuggly on his head. I had bought Nate a University of Oregon hooded sweatshirt earlier in the day, so Maysen got to wear dad's old hoodie and we improvised on the sleeves! When we got back in the van it was 41 degrees! I most certainly did enjoy the fire in the fireplace that night.

And so since I started it, I know I'll get flack: How about that Oregon Game, huh?? Okay, Okay. So the officials weren't on their mark 100%. But WHO IS?? Calls went in both favors at times, so it was pretty even on bad calls .... but in the end Oregon has the "W" on their side. And Oregon still had to make plays. If the Sooners were the better team, they would have stopped us! There, chew on that!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Cozy Inn...

I'm in heaven. I left Eugene on Wednesday and met my inlaws up here at the Inn at Seventh Mountain near Mount Bachelor. When Maysen and I got up here, it was near 80 degrees. We swam, laughed, went to the park and fed ducks, shopped, and watched movies. We had a great time. Maysen got great "Papa and Grandma Sherrill" spoiling time. It was great to watch him identify Papa and grandma Sherrill because he doesn't see them all that often. Yesterday a cold front moved in, and today's high was only 45! I'm so glad there is a wood-burning fireplace. I'm planning on firing that baby up soon! Papa and Sherrill took off this morning and Nate took off early and will be here soon.

Tonight's agenda: Comedy movie, crackling fire, and s'mores. Mmmm....

Thursday, September 7, 2006

First Zoo Experience

Last weekend was Maysen's first zoo experience. We met up with Matt and Jenn and went to the Portland Zoo. Maysen loved it! He would start throwing fits in between animal cages thinking it was the last one. The above picture is of Maysen watching the monkeys. His overall favorite, though, was the petting zoo where he got to pet the goats.

In fact, there was a black and white goat that Maysen must have irritated because when he walked past it, it put it's head down and butted him right in the side!! What's even more funny is that Nate got it on camera! Might have to submit that to America's Funniest Home Video. It was hilarious!

And I'm finally mobile/wireless again. I got a new laptop! Apple must work great for some people, and perhaps I am a creature of habit, but I'm happy to have a Windows machine back!

This weekend I am husband-less. Nate is going hiking/backpacking with his dad and brother up near Bend, OR. Saturday I'm getting a babysitter to go get a haircut and who knows! I might go shopping or something BY MYSELF! I don't think I've done something like that alone since Maysen was born. I can't imagine what it feels like to actually have a cart all to myself. And then I get the TV all to myself. Ahhh, the simple freedoms that are happiness!

Is it weird to look for 2yr old playmates for Maysen on Craigslist? I'm taking him to a story-hour at the library on Thursdays so he can start go get around kids, but he's mainly interested in playing in the back with the toys and dancing to the music. I have one lady who wrote, J, whose husband is owns his own brick mason company and is gone alot. They apparenlty have a lot of land, and tons of toys, but no friends for their 2yr old son, C. We're supposed to get together to have our boys get together. I'm just wondering if that sounds weird ... or much like "today's world"?