Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sciatica, contacts, and fat OH MY!

I was reading today on CNN.com that Tyra Banks is fighting the tabloid bash by proving she did NOT gain 40lbs. Are you kidding me? I'm sorry. When you live that type of lifestyle you have to take things with a grain of salt, especially things that will "taint" your image. You don't hear Hilary holding a press conference fighting the "I did not run a drug ring out of the White House" although that would be amusing. But to me, that proves to show really how insecure she is. To actually waltz out in a bathing suit being like "EXCUUUUUUUUUUSE ME! I did *not* (head/neck swivel while waving her finger) gain FORTY pounds". It's just funny to me that she feels like she has to prove something or have the last word. If all the celebrities had to prove the tabloids wrong it would be like a Jerry Springer episode with everyone having PMS. Yikes.

I'm getting new glasses today. I figure I'd better take advantage of the optical part of my health insurance and use the $200/2yr pair of new frames for free. I am a "glaucoma suspect" with my eye pressure's being high, but stable. I'm also going to ask about contacts - I have an astigmatism and attempted contacts 6yrs ago, but the whole one hard/one soft lens didn't work for me. Now Acuvue has a soft lens for astigmatism so it would be worth it to get contact if they rock. Does anyone wear contacts who has an astigmatism?

I slipped on Maysen's car in the laundry room Sunday and wiped out. Now I am having sciatica, which is inflammation of a nerve running from my lower back all the way down my left leg. The fun never ends at my house ....

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Quack Quack

Yesterday we took Maysen to Alton Baker Park to feed the ducks. Bonnie and Bob (who watch him on Wed/Fri during the week) take him to feed the ducks. They're in their 70s so you can imagine the work out he gives them! This past week they bought him a leash! Yes, my kid is now "one of those" kids on a leash. But the leash itself is a monkey backpack with the tail to hold onto. He LOVES that thing. He thinks it's a game and will giggggle when you pull on the tail. It's perfect for them, that way they can keep him in line and away from the water.

We let Maysen teeth on our automatic door unlocker clickers when he was a baby - and the buttons feel off and needless to say didn't work anymore. We had been putting off replacing them due to the fact when I called and inquired how much it would be to replace, they told me it would $45 to program the clicker, plus $47 each for the clickers. So, I was looking at like $140 to replace the clickers. Wasn't much of a priority for a while. Until my grocery/Costco/Wmart trips were getting more difficult having to hold a squirmy 2yr old while trying to wrestle bags and they key. Well ... chaos. So, I finally bit the bullet. I go to the dealership, and "Matt" tells me to go ahead and get the clickers at the Service Desk and he'd just program them FOR FREE!! Wow! So I go to get the clickers and THAT guy tells me that since I'm buying 2, then he'll give them to me for $35 each. So! I got quite the deal. They probably still made a killing of profit off me, but $140 vs $70 isn't bad.

We're waiting to see if Nathan got a job interview with the software company Symantec, best known for creating Norton Antivirus. Their recruiter called and talked to him on Thursday and and did a phone interview, but we're hoping and praying he gets the "real" interview. But we'll see....

Have you all had a good weekend?
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bored at Target

Wa-La ... my new spare bathroom!! This is what happens when you get 10hrs of sleep because someone falls asleep. I was so energized today! I hit up Costco where I found THE cutest 3 piece Calvin Klein outfit for Maysen; jeans, long sleeved button-up shirt, and argyle sweater for $25! I bought a 3T so he can wear it all fall/winter next year, assuming he'll fit. Although they're saying he's in the 90% in height, I'm finding a lot of stuff not fitting him normally. So, hopefully it'll fit next autumn. Anyway - this is my new bathroom!!!! This happened while I was looking for the below toy organizer for Maysen's room while walking around Target. I decided "I don't like how my spare bathroom looks" and woo-la! New bathroom. Everything is new ... so then I went into super-cleaning mode because you can't put new stuff up in a dirty bathroom. So out came the bleach and gloves.

But just before I put this bathroom together, I put this Sponge Bob (which I'm not that big of a fan, but it's in his closet, so oh well) toy organizer. We needed some organization with the toys ... it wasn't near big enough but it's a start. Keeping them arranged will be the struggle - one in which I don't even plan on winning, but I can pretend can't I?

On a lighter note, I caught a massive GI Bleed in a patient yesterday - pretty stoked about that. She was totally free of symptoms and I urged labs and she was bleeding through her stomach - and on an anticoagulant (which thins your blood). So, that was my pat on the back from yesterday ... or for the week. Can't get much better than that. Except hearing Maysen's new saying of "HOLY SMOKES" which is more like "oe-moke!" Simple things ...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Summer Night Carnival Smell

Just examples of great photography. The background pic reminds me of growing up in Kansas at the small town fair that came around every summer around my birthday in July. It was always the highlight of the summer, but always signified that summer was nearly over as school usually started back up in early August.

How does life change so quickly? I mean really. Just yesterday I was fighting my parents on a later curfew. Having sleepovers with girlfriends discussing our latest crushes. My biggest worry used to be what outfit to wear to school the next day. Where did all that go? And how so fast? I'm looking at myself in the mirror thinking "Wow. Look - crowsfeet!". Yes, I now know what crowsfeet are. Augh. That's depressing.
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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Attack 'O Flu

Flu attacked my behind (almost literally) yesterday. I pretty much did nothing but lay in bed and listen to John Mayer, my new found love. iTunes is a dangerous thing, it's so easy to click "Buy Song" and there you have it! Not only did I miss work yesterday but I had to miss our post-holiday office party which was last night after work. Nathan "misunderstood" that I said it was OK for Maysen's to stay home. He usually goes to Bonnie's on Fridays, but since I was staying home sick, Nathan assumed he didn't need to go to Bonnie's. Where the logic lies with that, I have no idea - because who wants to chase a 2yr old around between bathroom visits of puking and ... well, nevermind. Nathan was home at 3pm so that helped. I slept until 8. Today we're laying low, going to nap this afternoon - then maybe I'll have enough energy to go to Costco for new cordless phones. Priorities.

My dad and stepmom are leaving Florida this spring. They're semiretired and travel around managing RV parks/resorts. They've been near Fort Meyers Florida for a year now and just accepted a new job in between San Diego and Los Angeles starting this spring. I'm excited that they'll be closer to us than Florida. At least the flight down there will be shorter - I believe there is a non-stop flight from Eugene to LA.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Eesh Ooo.

We got more snow on Tuesday. It started out with freezing rain, but then started snowing. I've been lucky enough to have the bad weather hit on my day off so I don't have to drive around during it. I decided not to take Mase out in the snow because it was just ... WET. Not the fun fluffy snow you're used to. So, he'd be soaked ... and wet. Uh, no thanks.

We got our cat, Bird, from the pound 6 years ago. She's a very small kitty and has always been sorta sickly. She never goes outside when it's cold ... so how is it still possible that she always has green boogers in her nose? When she sneezes ... WATCH OUT. She'll blow snot everywhere. What cat does that!? Which reminds me...I was changing Bean's diaper today and I sneezed. Guess what I hear..."Eesh Ooo". Which translates to "Bless You". They really do watch and learn from everyone around them. Scary ....

PS: Thanks KERS for the help on the collage idea via picasa! Yipee! Now I match you and EJ! I try not to copy you guys too much ;-)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Night Out = Incriminating

Last night was a ton of fun. Jenn and I did a *ton* of wheezing with various things throughout the night. Some of the following pictures may be incriminating on how much "fun" we had but it was well worth it.

Our night started out with dinner at Steelhead. I had 2 glasses of the house red, which happened to be a merlot. Pretty good. Jenn had fish tacos and a chocolate martini while I had chicken. We chatted over candlelight for about 2hrs. We then walked just half a block away to Joe Federicko's Jazz Club.

It reminded us of something from the 40s. The music was very retro jazz and you walk down these rickity stairs to get to the club, which literally is a hole in the wall. Luckily smoking is not allowed thank goodness! The place is filled with tables, but there are also 3 outcoves along the wall, almost like hidden rooms. Jenn and I weren't lucky enough to get one right away but were patient and waited for people to leave then snagged one.

Alison was our waitress. She rocked. Jenn was mortified that I asked her to take a picture with Jenn. I did a lot of throwing Jenn off and doing things that made her shake her head and say "no way". It was funny.

Mypicture is a bit provocative-looking, although I didn't mean for it to be at all! I was showing how yummy my first chocolate martini was ... and Jenn thinks they rock!

Ok, so we're sitting there ... Jenn and I laughing about random things that surely won't be funny now. Out of my fuzzy peripheral vision, I see this figure coming toward our little room. Well ... I should say staggering toward our room. I'm like "Jenn, this guy is totally coming over here" and we hear "you girls are sure cute, can I sit down?" before we could answer he sits right beside me. He was totally blasted - he had no clue what planet he was even on. What makes it worse, is Jenn was laughing because she tooted right before this guy walked in. So she was already giggling. But I had no idea, all of a sudden this guy sits down and I get this wiff of what smelled like poo - and I'm like "this guy totally pooped his pants!" Jenn's dying as I'm mouthing to her "he pooped!" because she knows it was her that farted! Not to be mean, but Jenn and I start giving him a rough time. Not too bad, but drilling him with questions ... and it was hilarious listening to his answers. We got a huge kick out him. Jenn was able to snap this quick picture of him before my camera died on us.

I was disappointed it died, because to mortify Jenn even further, I totally walked up to the trumpet player she thought was hot at the break and attempted to be smooth. I introduced myself and told him he reminded me of my band teacher, Mr Ball. (Mind you this guy is like 35?) Because "Mr Ball played a trumpet too". Then asked to get a photo with him, and as we're posing, battery is dead in my camera.

My apologies to the late 3am phone calls ... no matter how old you are, apparently you still make the drunk 3am phone calls!

It was a great fun night. We made a pact to do this more often. Not necessarily make it this drastic, but at least hang out just one on one more. I love ya, Jenn. It was fun. Maybe next time we'll take "Tim" with us. The Shindley girls, lit:

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shindley Sisters in the Big E...

Currently 19.6 degrees outside. That's why snow from 2 days ago is still sitting pretty outside. It's kinda bizarre.

My sister from Portland should be here anytime now. She's coming for some sister-bonding time. I'm really looking forward to it. This afternoon we're going antique'ing around town - in hopes to find my early 1900s dictionary. Tonight she and I will be going to The Steelhead Brewery for their fish tacos and drinks. The atmosphere is great - they have these really big comfy chairs you could just sit in by the candlelight all night and chat. Not to mention they have great drinks! Then we'll walk over to Joe Fed's jazz club and have more drinks. Calling a taxi might be in order tonight! Jenn and I have never really done this. We've always had the guys with us ... or she was stalking me around a club in Chicago (Jenn, remember SASQUATCH?). So, I'm looking forward to it. Jenn and I are infamous for wheezing our rears off because we're laughing so hard about ridiculous stuff. Get liquor in us and no telling. So, it'll be fun. I plan to take my camera, but depending on the night, I might not want to post any pics. Would not want to self-incriminate ourselves!
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

I know to my Canadian friends and my friends back home in the Plains this "snow" seems like nothing but a shower/dusting. But to we Oregonians, this was a major storm - the fact that the snow is STILL present 12hrs later is a major ordeal! Area schools closed, and in fact my office stopped seeing patients this afternoon so employees could get home tonight before it re-freezes. I talked to my boss who informed me not to come in the office in the early morning because it's supposed to be 20 overnight and all this snow/wet stuff will be one sheet of ice. Which wouldn't be too bad, but I have to travel 15 miles on I-5 (where there were FIVE vehicles in the ditch from our 3" snow storm) AND cross a tall butte to get to work. So, we'll see what tonight/early morning brings. I am training Clara again tomorrow, the nurse who is taking over working my Tuesdays. She worked this past Tuesday by herself and did ok, but one more day of having me there for reference won't hurt. The only thing is that I virtually am just there as a reference. So, my day gets a tad ... boring. Nate usually comes home at noon on Fridays so maybe I'll wait for him to come home and then I'll go in. I really don't want Maysen out in a vehicle tomorrow (overprotective mommy coming into play). And I have beef stew brewing in my crock pot. Yummmm....

This was Maysen's first "real" snow. As in "real" I mean the first snow he got to go out and play in. He had a great time. I took our camcorder out to record him, but it kept saying "Lens Cap" meaning the lens cap is still on ... but it wasn't. Just no picture! But I got some good ones of Mr Bean.


The neighbor boy and Maysen's idol, Delmar

Gotta pat all the snow off the solar light, mom!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

No Phase II

I miss my backyard in the summertime. This trumpet vine got HUGE this summer and the brilliant red/orange flowers were so pretty to see first thing in the morning. They're calling for snow tomorrow and tomorrow night, which for Oregon is rare (how many times have I said that already?) We're talking average hi's and lo's for Oregon this time of year is 48/34. This week will be 35/23. So, good luck to the rest of the US to the east of us - she's headed your way!

Nate called me this morning and said that Scott, Nate's supervisor, pulled him and the other local contractor into his office and said that they are not going to proceed with Phase II of the current project they're working on. So, when his contract is up in June he'll be without a job. Scott then proceeded to say that "if" he had an opportunity to hire them full time/permanent he would, but as of now that's all he knew. He wanted to tell them before it was announced in the morning scrum meeting by Ross, the main guy from Denver. So, what has progressed since then? Well, Nate emailed Frank who works in the Denver office whom he met during his business trip to Denver to see if there would be any positions available for him in the Denver office. Then Mel, his other supervisor, told him in confidence not to make any irrational decisions because there "might" be an opportunity for him to stay full time "if" this other project goes through. Augh! At this point, he'll be updating his resume on Monster.com to see what is out there for him. We knew this could be a possibility, but was hoping that all phases would go through and eventually Nate would get hired as a permanet employee for Weyerhaeuser. I guess we'll see what journey he's in store for now.

I wish it were summer again ....

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Emotional Can of Worms

Upon viewing some friends' baby pictures I decided to reminisce in my own and perhaps share a few. Man, did I not know what would come of that. It opened a whole new can of emotional beans I forgot was there. The above picture was taken when I was 1yr old at the local park across the street from my grandparents house in Dighton, Kansas. That strapping young man holding me is my father, Dave. What I remember is that his mustache tickled my face when he kissed me. And then I came across this picture:

Who are those fools, you might ask. The one on the right is my mom, Lynn. She never reads this site so I feel free to talk about her. When I saw this picture, tears began to stream down my face. You see, this is the mom I never got to know. My mom was diagnosed at an early age with multiple sclerosis and unfortunately at the age of 31 began to progress rather rapidly. All of my most vivid memories of my mom during my childhood were that of an angry, bitter, stressed out, sad, frustrated, sometimes smiling mom. People tell me that I remind them of her. I hear stories about her, of what she used to be like - of her playing on stage, in the band, in the rally squad, having lots of boyfriends, happy, daring, singing (she had a great voice).

Sometimes I wonder if I carry around anger toward her MS, anger toward feeling cheated out of not having the mother-daughter relationship my friends had/have. And I suppose I do. I never got to "shop" with my mom, tell stories, take walks with, all that crap that you hate when you're young but can look back with fond memories of. Even now, I wish I had her here to joke with and do crap like the above picture with. We could have so much fun. When my son was born, I didn't have my mom there. I didn't have the advise and moral support of her. So, where is she you ask? Oh, Leslie I'm sorry to hear she's passed. No. She's not, and I'm sorry if I seem as though I'm talking like she is. She's still alive, living in North Carolina with some guy who she says is abusive to her. See, she divorced my father along with my sister and I when I was 17. Her MS progressed to almost a dementia-like state where she wasn't making any rational decisions. To this day she is almost Alzheimer Disease-like. To put it into some perspective - on Christmas my sister and I called her. She asked me where I got the name Everett Mason for my son. She didn't remember his name was Maysen David. My sister and I have tried to get her help, to even tried to convince her to move closer to us, but it's a never-winning battle. She changes her mind every second of every day. Her thoughts and ideas are more sporadic by the day and it's exhausting trying to organize our lives around her whim of an idea one moment, just to have it go down in a blaze of glory the next.

Why am I going here? I don't know. I'm thankful for the family I *do* have, and I'm thankful that my mother is still with us. I see pictures like the above and realize that one day she was happy and I can only hope one day again she'll feel that happiness again...

ps: Phew .. and if I don't get my period any day now, I'll be worried that I'm just becoming an emotional wreck! Sorry - most of you don't want to know about Aunt Flo..WHERE'S THE CHOCOLATE?

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Oregon Virus

If any of you are planning on visiting Oregon, please note that Oregon recently has not been the most popular state to visit. We've had 2 national coverages on missing/dead people in snow storms and mountain tops (although Oregon is NOT infamous for it's snow), and now I swear this is a mysterious SARS-like virus going around the state. It's symptoms are vague, but include chronic cough, congestion, fatigue, runny nose amongst other things and LINGERS. I'm going on week 6 and I have coworkers that are still coughing. So BEWARE! (Not you, BC)