Saturday, April 9, 2011

Come on Summer!!

But I am afraid of the dark spots in the lake.

Jenn, the dark spots are nothing to be afraid off.

But they're deep spots. I don't like them. I don't know what's down there.

Within a few minutes of being out on the water behind our pontoon blowing full speed, she forgot about the "dark deep spots" in the lake. Although I got tired of her wigging out that fish were swimming around her feet ...
There was also the feeling we got on Fridays when we knew dad was coming home from work. And when he came home that meant we'd all load the pre-packed motorhome that was strageically parked in the "get the hell out of Dodge" position along the street pointed in the direction of travel. Pulling out of town in our motor home, with usually a friend in tow (Jenn got Charity, I got Mollie), it felt so great leaving our little town behind and headed for ..... "the lake".

We would stop at the infamous 2-story KFC for dinner. That is where I discovered Honey Mustard sauce and that instant mashed potatoes were, in fact, awesome. Then off to finish out, hoping to reach the campground before dark.

Once at the campground we'd set camp. A fire would be built; s'mores were cooked. Going to the bathhouse to shower makes me remember the smell Herbal Essence in my hair while looking up at the stars. Walking back to the motor home fresh and clean carrying towels of a girls' toiletries was a challenge. 

We'd wake up in the morning to dad already being gone fishing. Mom and Dad would come and pick us up once we woke up and jammed our fists full of chocolate covered donuts and orange juice as "breakfast" and we'd hit the lake. The sun made my freckles shine radiantly. Dad would pull us behind the boat on the "sked" until we went flying off, then he'd circle and do it again. When he was ready to fish and get rid of us, he'd take us to an island in the lake and dump us off. We girls would pretent it was an abandoned island and we were to "survive" the elements. That would last an hour, and dad would be back. Secretly we'd hope that some super-cute boys would come and flirt with the pretty 13yr olds on the deserted island. Never happened. 

Point is this: I have the greatest memories of growing up every Kansas summer at the lake. Bonds were made, memories made, so much fun was had. And I want my boys to have that. A few weeks ago we purchased a boat. This last week we purchased a new family vehicle that can pull the boat. We have absolutely wonderful friends who also have a boat and we have summer plans already set for this summer. I cannot wait to start forming those close family times with my boys ... out on the lake :)